A cyber combination for rapid response

Raytheon, CyberSponse partner for faster, smarter cyber defense

A cyber combination for rapid response

Raytheon collaborates with CyberSponse to reduce cyber attacker dwell times.

In a new partnership, Raytheon will employ technology from cybersecurity firm CyberSponse to offer commercial customers faster detection of threats and shorter response times in case of cyberattacks, critical elements in reducing the damage hackers can cause.

Raytheon's Virtual-Security Operations Center, or V-SOC services, offers organizations such advanced capabilities as 24-hour monitoring and detection of threats that can be missed by traditional security controls. It will incorporate CyberSponse's automated incident response and security system, reducing attacker dwell time (the interval in which hackers can roam through a victim's networks) for businesses that use the Raytheon system.

The combination of Raytheon and CyberSponse technologies will collect data and react at near-machine speed against attacks. This greatly improves security by removing time-consuming, repetitive manual tasks normally conducted during incident responses.

That "enables our expert human defenders to do what they do best: hunt for more sophisticated, evolving threats," said Mark Orlando, chief technology officer for Raytheon's managed security services business.

Raytheon's V-SOC service is designed for organizations that need greater ability to hunt for and detect cyber threats. The V-SOC model goes far beyond simple alert responses by placing the focus on identifying advanced threats and tracking attacker tactics, techniques, and procedures.SOC orchestration, the method used to connect security tools and data, and automation platforms are gaining traction in the cybersecurity field, because they automate time-consuming incident response tasks across multiple point security products and case management tools.

CyberSponse technology fills the gap between automation-only and human-dependent security platforms. Its automated security tools are offered within an incident management console for easy use and rapid deployment.

"CyberSponse's advanced technology, coupled with Raytheon's expertise...bring together a powerful combination of experience and technology to advance protective measures for customers," said Larry Johnson, CEO of CyberSponse.  "Our collaboration with Raytheon enhances our security automation platform, which is essentially the central nucleus of security operations teams and toolsets."

Published On: 08/02/2017
Last Updated: 01/11/2018