Day 1   Day 2   Day 3
Introduction to AMRAAM   Tactical Missile Operation   AIM-9X Program Overview
Missile Components   Multiple & Clustered Targets   AIM-9X Weapon System Overview
Break   Terminal Guidance   AIM-9X Performance
Weapon System Effectiveness   Break   Break
Aircraft Interface   Beam & Chaff   AIM-9X Weapon System Operations
Break   Electronic Protection/
Launch Modes   Lunch   AIM-9X Tracker BI
Lunch   EPIP   AIM-9X Block II GNC
Trajectory Shaping/HOBS   Fuze & Warhead Subsystem   Break
Break   Flight Test & Reliability   AIM-9X Tracker BII
Data Link   Break   AIM-9X BII Fuzing
Radar Hardware Design   AMRAAM Raytheon Simulation   Break
    WSEP Review   TG/WS/MDS Breakouts
     TG/WS/MDS Breakouts    
Warfighter School Networking Event
Hilton Garden Inn



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