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Sensors and Imaging Overview

An introduction to sensors and imaging

From vehicles that can steer themselves to smartphones that can "see" heat, new radars and sensors are enabling huge advances in both civilian and military technology.

Raytheon's mission is to see the unseen and prepare decision-makers with the most accurate information at a moment's notice. Our space-based sensors keep tabs on the environment, our long-range radars monitor for intercontinental threats and our infrared imaging devices shed light on what the human eye can't detect. Our labs pioneered gallium nitride-powered radars are creating the next generation of advanced materials.

Countries must know exactly when, where and how to defend themselves.

Around the world, Raytheon is recognized as leader in sensors and imaging technology — providing the right data at exactly the right time.


Raytheon has been a leader in radar since World War II, when it developed a magnetron, or radio wave generator, for allied air defenses. Today's products include:

Air and Missile Defense Radars

Tactical Fighter Radars

Airborne Surveillance

Air Traffic Control Radars

Maritime Surveillance

Ground Vehicle-Mounted

Electro-Optical/Infrared Sensors

Raytheon's EO/IR sensors draw upon the entire electromagnetic spectrum to make the invisible visible:

ATFLIR Infrared Pod

Special Mission Aircraft

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Raytheon is a leader in expendable remote sensing and unmanned aircraft systems engineering, serving both government and commercial customers by optimizing and integrating mission-specific sensors and sub-systems into manned and unmanned platforms:

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Small Arms Sights

Raytheon manufactures a complete line of battle-tested, premium quality military tactical weapon sights that provide superior optical performance. Custom design and manufacturing is also available for commercial, law enforcement and military applications.

Small Arms Weapon Sights

Space-Based Sensors

Raytheon's space probes are designed to work faithfully for years in the extreme conditions of deep space or on other planets:

Glory Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor (APS)

Radio Frequency (RF) Sensors

The company's radio sensors are core components on everything from fighter jets to intelligence-gathering gear:

Radar Warning Receivers


Raytheon delivers a portfolio of integrated undersea warfare solutions - including anti-submarine and mine warfare - that helps naval fleets detect and defend against a variety of threats:

 Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS)

Sonar Systems

Acoustic Sensors

Raytheon protects troops with wearable, vehicle-mounted and stationary sensors that detect and locate gunfire, even in noisy environments: