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Spectrum Efficient National Surveillance Radar

Raytheon is committed to the success of the SENSR program, and will work closely with the U.S. government to consolidate and modernize our nation's aging, disparate radar systems. As we replace over 600 legacy units with multi-mission radars capable of supporting air traffic control; air defense and surveillance; border and critical infrastructure protection; and weather forecasting prediction, we'll free spectrum space vital to the growth of commercial industries — and enable federal agencies to conquer tomorrow's challenges.


Saftey. Security. Surveillance. In One Solution.


Bands on the Run

Bands on the Run

Learn how SENSR will create critical spectrum space for commercial wireless.
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State-of-the-Art Meets Multi-Mission

State-of-the-Art Meets Multi-Mission

See how SENSR's advanced technology will support multiple missions for multiple federal agencies.
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The Pain of Rain That's Mainly on the Planes

The Pain of Rain That's Mainly on the Planes

A new weather data system will slash the number of delayed and cancelled flights.
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Protecting the Nation

Working closely with the FAA, NOAA, Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security, Raytheon will ensure that the SENSR program effectively supports and improves a variety of critical missions, including air traffic control, homeland security, weather forecasting and national security.

SENSR will enable the FAA to ensure safer, more efficient air travel by improving air traffic management, increasing security and substantially lowering the cost of sustainment across the aviation ecosystem.

From improving its ability to detect low and slow non-cooperative targets to supporting its coastal surveillance missions, SENSR will enable DoD to deliver homeland defense, civil support and security cooperation more effectively.

SENSR will improve DHS’ ability to conduct airspace security operations within, at and beyond our nation’s borders, improving low-altitude surveillance and helping the agency better respond to airborne and maritime threats to critical infrastructure.

SENSR will enable NOAA and the National Weather Service to improve the accuracy of weather predictions, accelerate hazardous weather warnings and better support relief efforts.

Delivering On The Vision

From a long history of keeping systems operational during large-scale modernization efforts to the cyber, analytics and networking expertise it takes to ensure the success of a system of systems, Raytheon brings experience, a holistic strategy and groundbreaking innovation to the table.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver the most comprehensive, technically advanced SENSR solution — and effectively support the U.S. government in ensuring national safety and security.

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