Multi Source Correlator Tracker

Raytheon Solipsys is an industry leader in the development of integrated Command and Control (C2) network-centric solutions for the domestic and international DoD and Homeland Security. We provide the C2 infrastructure necessary to effectively control security and military forces in any environment.

Our product suite allows customers to augment existing programs with custom elements or construct an entire distributed Command and Control system from the ground up. All products, technical support, training, and analysis packages are offered through traditional contracting vehicles and are available on the GSA schedule to simplify procurement.

The Multi Source Correlator Tracker (MSCT) software product is a proven correlation and data fusion engine that synthesizes track, tactical data link, and sensor information from multiple dissimilar sources to precisely construct a single integrated picture. It is written in the ANSI C++ programming language for portability and performance and has been deployed in mission-critical situations on commodity hardware since 1997. Because of its object-oriented design and distributed architecture, it can easily interface with legacy systems and adapt to new software and hardware protocols and message standards.

Key Features:

  • Certified integrated tactical data link support
  • Scalable performance to handle >17,000 updates/second and over 100 simultaneous sensor and system feeds
  • Weapons direction and cueing capability
  • Interacting Multiple Model (IMM) trackers for handling non-cooperative and high-G targets Integrated digital record and playback
  • Built-in Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) capability