Remote Asset Management, Tracking, and Monitoring

The ability to track equipment and centrally manage assets is critical to mission execution and operational effectiveness. Raytheon's satellite-based tracking and asset-recovery devices, FoxII™ and iFoxII™, can be overtly or covertly embedded on a wide variety of host platforms for superior on-the-move monitoring.

FoxII and iFoxII provide operational users with the ability to monitor deployed assets and complete missions safely and successfully. These programmable tags, which are highly flexible and rugged, are designed to maximize data transmission. FoxII and iFoxII integrate seamlessly with Raytheon's Gotham™ central C3 and monitoring system, and device track data is easily exported and shared with other back-end systems or Raytheon's mobile situational awareness solutions.

Rugged, Embeddable Tags for Blue and Red Force Tracking

FoxII is Globalstar satellite-based and provides near real-time coverage over most land mass areas. Its small form factor and quick-plant capability allow for a variety of concealment and mounting options for personnel and vehicle tracking. The high-precision GPS receiver enables assets to be tracked with high accuracy, and positional transmissions are securely communicated using AES 128-bit encryption. FoxII also supports up to five geofence boundaries to automatically alert or change configurations when the device moves into or out of specified areas.

iFoxII is Iridium® satellite-based and gives operators truly global, near real-time coverage, with transmissions securely communicated via AES 256-bit encryption. It incorporates the features of FoxII, but adds a two-way communication capability, which enables the device to be remotely reconfigured and interrogated. Like FoxII, iFoxII is compatible with a wide range of power sources. With two switch inputs and two relay outputs, iFoxII can easily be integrated into systems or combined with external sensors to provide monitoring and control.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Secure, reliable, and precise tracking of assets, equipment, or other platforms
  • Installation or integration on all types of host platforms
  • Encrypted with device-unique keys for high security
  • Two-way messaging and remote configuration for applicable devices
  • Central monitoring and control of deployed units
  • Rugged, compact form factor
  • Intuitive; easy to configure and use
  • Made in the United States


  • Tactical military deployments
  • Personnel recovery missions
  • Emergency and natural disaster responses
  • Humanitarian or remote infrastructure-building activities
  • Law enforcement operations
  • Intelligence-gathering missions
System Specifications FoxII iFoxII
Compact Form Factor
Rugged, Environmentally Sealed Case
Portable; Applicable in a Variety of Host Platforms
High-precision GPS for Real-time Position Reporting
Geofencing Capabilities
Device-unique AES Encryption Keys
External Power (Platform Power or Battery Packs)
Quick-plant Capabilities
Globalstar Satellite Based
Iridium Satellite Based
Two-way Satellite Communications
Two Switch Inputs
Two Relay Outputs
Multi-stage Sleep
Available as a Bare Board
Comprehensive Configuration Application

Unique Technical and Operational Knowledge of Your TTL Missions

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