Appsmart™ Marketplace

Reduced cost and risk.

The Appsmart™ marketplace is a trusted applications marketplace for enterprise owners wanting to embrace the mobile application phenomenon while maintaining security and efficiently managing app development and distribution.

It provides a one-stop shop for secure mobile, desktop and enterprise apps development and distribution for the intelligence and Department of Defense ISR communities, financial, utility and other commercial customers desiring greater or enhanced security.

The Appsmart marketplace provides app developers with insight into customer needs and provides tools for rapid app development within a trusted open marketplace. In addition, it provides a social forum, which lets developers informally identify needs or gaps, and uses the forces of a free market to drive innovation without major up-front cost, risk or schedule.

Appsmart marketplace key benefits:

  • Security
  • Rapid innovation
  • Supports multiple mobile platforms
  • Mobile capability provides not just apps but other digital data
  • MOBILESAFE™ software developer's kit
  • Reduced cost and risk for government and commercial enterprise customers