Delivering performance at every level

Delivering performance at every level

Across missions. Across domains. Across continents. Raytheon engineers are powering leading-edge technologies that help the U.S. military and our allies make the world a safer place. Explore the stories below to learn more.

Driving Innovation

Quantum Showdown

A prototype quantum processor takes on a classical computer.

The soldier with 100 eyes

Raytheon technology will deliver unimagined abilities on the battlefield.

Inside the Space Factory

Lab gears up for next missile-destroying "kill vehicle."

The radar is ready

Raytheon hits the road with a supercharged Patriot prototype.

Eye in the sky

Sophisticated tech delivers the big picture, in the air and on the ground.

Winning in the future battlespace

Developing advanced technologies to dominate coming conflicts.

Securing Cyber in the sky

Layered cybersecurity needed to protect aviation ecosystem.

Stand-alone power

Raytheon helps US military bases go off the grid with renewable energy.


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