Raytheon Australia History

Raytheon Australia has formed an enduring and vital part of Australia’s sovereign defence industrial capability since 1999, when the company was established as a full subsidiary of the United States’ Raytheon Company in response to the Howard Government’s defence industry policy.  

The Howard Government policy was clear: an international defence contractor’s commitment to Australia would be measured by the extent of its investment in Australian sovereign capability. Raytheon heeded that message, and was one of the first companies to invest in Australia in this manner.

Raytheon Australia now employs approximately 1,500 Australians in locations around the country, and has its corporate headquarters in Canberra—the beating heart of the Australian Defence Force community, as well as the seat of the Commonwealth Government. The company has offices in most mainland capitals, and operations in many regional centres such as Amberley, Nowra and Exmouth.

Raytheon Australia’s parent company—the United States’ Raytheon Company—was founded in 1922, and has bequeathed a strong legacy of technological innovation and achievement to its landed subsidiaries in Australia, the UK, Saudi Arabia, and other nations. The American company pioneered shipborne radar, microwaves and radio technology, among other things. Today, the company has a number of significant product lines—particularly in missile technology—and employees around 60, 000 people worldwide.

Raytheon Australia, and by extension the Australian Defence Force, benefits enormously by the close relationship between the two companies, as it gives Australia access to US military technology via foreign military sales contracts.

Raytheon Australia’s broad portfolio of expertise has positioned the company well to support the Australian Defence Organisation on a range of diverse programs—integrating systems across multiple platforms in every domain to fulfil Australian Defence Force capability requirements.

Together, Defence and industry have a mutual obligation to strategically partner to create a warfighting edge for Australia’s forces and contribute to the security of the nation.  Raytheon Australia looks forward to continuing to work alongside its partners to deliver robust capability that is integrated in Australia.