The Sydney is sea-ready

The third and final Air Warfare Destroyer completes its sea trials

Raytheon Australia, a member of the Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance, participated in sea trials for the Sydney, the third and final Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer.

Before a new combat ship can join the Royal Australian Navy fleet, it must first undergo a series of trials at sea.

The third and final Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyer, Sydney, completed those trials in early November. They were conducted off the coast of South Australia. The ship’s combat, communications and platform systems were tested.

“Sydney will enter into service early next year, and with her sister-ships HMA Ships Hobart and Brisbane, they will be the most potent warships to date,” said Senator the Hon Linda Reynolds CSC, Australian minister of defence. “By using a combination of Australian and globally proven technologies, these highly capable warships are truly world-class and will allow us to work even closer with our allies.”

As the combat system systems engineer for the AWD program, Raytheon Australia was responsible for the Hobart Class combat system, comprising 10 major subsystems and more than 3,500 combat system components. The company also conducted tests of the combat systems whilst the ships were undergoing sea trials, prior to delivery to the Royal Australian Navy.

“Our role as combat system integrator also included the design and build of the land-based Through Life Support Facility, a combat system support capability which was just recently handed over to the Commonwealth of Australia,” said Andrew Whittaker, Raytheon Australia’s general manager for Maritime.

The Through Life Support Facility, or TLSF, was initially utilised in the design phase of the AWD program. It enabled engineers and technicians to identify interface, integration and compatibility issues well before the systems were installed in the ships.

“The utilisation of the TSLF as part of the integration and test program set a foundation for the successful conduct of sea trials, proving that the combat system and subsystems behave as expected in a controlled, shore-based environment,” Whittaker said.

Following handover from Raytheon Australia to the Commonwealth, the TLSF is now homed at the RAN’s Fleet Base East in Sydney, Australia, and will act as support facility for the sustainment of the Hobart Class combat system through life.

Published On: 12/11/2019
Last Updated: 04/03/2020