Meet Navy’s newest trusted partner for Australian OPVs

Raytheon Australia selected for Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessels

Raytheon Australia will serve as the Capability Life Cycle Manager for the Royal Australian Navy’s Arafura Class Offshore Patrol Vessels. The company will support the planning, assurance and optimisation of the vessels’ through life sustainment. 

The Royal Australian Navy is introducing a new class of Offshore Patrol Vessels, responsible for maritime border patrol, constabulary missions and response duties for humanitarian and disaster relief. With advanced sensors and command and communication systems, the Arafura Class OPVs will operate alongside Australian Defence Force and Australian Border Force vessels.

Raytheon Australia has recently been selected as the Capability Life Cycle Manager for the OPVs. In this role, Raytheon Australia will be involved in the implementation of the Royal Australian Navy’s Plan Galileo, a nationally integrated sustainment environment that consistently provides affordable, reliable and fit-for-purpose systems and ships to the Royal Australian Navy.

This long-term, national initiative focuses on maritime sustainment as a whole-of-life concept and ensures the sustainment needs of a new vessel are considered during the initial design phase. Plan Galileo will deliver a new approach to integrated capability life cycle management, improving productivity and promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the maritime domain.

“As the OPV Capability Life Cycle Manager, Raytheon Australia will be leveraging our experience in complex program management for Australia’s defence to provide specialist services to support the planning, assurance and optimisation of the through life sustainment of the Arafura Class OPVs,” said Managing Director Michael Ward.

“We will also support the development of an Australian supply chain for the OPVs, ensuring a sovereign industrial capability is formed as each of the OPVs progress from acquisition to sustainment,” he said.

“This will not be a traditional maritime sustainment role, rather this is the first step towards a nationally integrated sustainment environment for Australia and the implementation of the Royal Australian Navy’s Plan Galileo,” Ward said.

Raytheon Australia will drive and maximise opportunities for Australian industry when delivering services under the new contract, making domestic sourcing recommendations and promoting local industry development.

Utilising demonstrated success from the Hobart Class Air Warfare Destroyers and the Collins Class Submarines, Raytheon Australia will deliver an experienced and skilled team for the OPV program, with a third of the team made up of members of Australian small and medium enterprises. Local SME, Capability Partners, a supplier for the program’s initial phase, will deliver asset management and education assistance to Raytheon Australia.

With more than 20 employees, the Capability Life Cycle Management team is expected to grow as services increase, as will the engagement of additional Australian SMEs in the second and third phases of the program.

“We have the experience and know-how to ensure the OPVs successfully transition from their acquisition to support phase using proven skills and processes to promote an enterprise environment,” Ward said.

“We have held a long standing and successful relationship with the Royal Australian Navy, and we look forward to working with them closely to establish a whole-of-life capability for the Arafura Class OPVs,” he said.

Published On: 01/27/2021
Last Updated: 02/01/2021