Geared for success

Raytheon Australia invests in Adelaide’s next generation of innovators


"Christopher Pyne, Australia's minister for industry, innovation and science, holds a homemade flying device over a wind machine to show vertical laminar airflow, an important principle in aeronautics. Joining him at Questacon's Innovation Factory, from left: Kittatam Saissard, a Playford International College student and recipient of the first Raytheon Australia Innovation in STEM scholarship; Michael Ward, Raytheon Australia managing director; and David Lloyd, vice chancellor and professor at the University of South Australia. Raytheon and Questacon have been working together for nearly a decade to inspire a new generation of Australian engineers.

When it comes to understanding the science behind how machines work together, age knows no limits.

For Playford International College student Kittatam Saisaard, inaugural recipient of the Raytheon Australia Innovation in STEM Scholarship, Questacon’s Innovation Factory served as the perfect playground to demonstrate, explain and explore his scientific knowledge of gears, pulleys and levers.

Such initiatives “inspire students like me towards the right path,” said Saisaard.

"We are pleased to support the government’s innovation agenda through our continuing investment in maths and science education here in Adelaide, and across the nation,” said Raytheon Australia’s Managing Director Michael Ward in an address at Questacon’s Innovation Factory on February 15.

Ward spoke of the need to support the government’s call to create a culture of innovation in Australia, referencing past, present and future partnerships and investments with local businesses, education institutions and the Government.


Raytheon has partnered with Playford International College, reaffirming the value next-generation scientists and engineers will play in sustaining industry and national security.

Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, Christopher Pyne, speaking at the Questacon event, announced the government’s plan to invest in a $930,000 Citizen Science package for 2016. The package will comprise an online Citizen Science project and two Australian Museum initiatives.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce this funding, building on the contribution that citizen science activities can make to getting people of all ages and background more involved in science,” Pyne said.

Ward and Pyne presented the scholarship to Saisaard.

In his closing remarks, Michael Ward attributed Raytheon Australia’s success to the people who directly influence it.

“Raytheon Australia is endowed with some of Australia’s smartest, most innovative and capable engineers,” he said.

Published On: 02/17/2016
Last Updated: 02/06/2018