The Centre for Joint Integration opens

New facilities are ready to deliver for Australian Defence Force

The Centre for Joint Integration will allow Raytheon Australia to collaborate with the Australian Defence Force and industry to deliver fully integrated capabilities.

Raytheon Australia has built the Centre for Joint Integration in South Australia in response to the Australian Defence Force’s increased focus on joint integrated capabilities. From this precinct, Raytheon Australia is ready to enhance the defence capabilities of today and support the defence programs of tomorrow. 

This state-of-the-art facility, built in Adelaide, South Australia, is one of the largest and most capable defence industry precincts in the nation. It will enable collaboration opportunities between the ADF and Australian industry to deliver fully integrated capabilities. 

“Raytheon Australia will collaborate with defence and industry in dedicated system and integration laboratories with experimentation facilities and training rooms,” said Raytheon Australia Managing Director Michael Ward. “These will ensure we can work with our customers and partners to deliver fully integrated, sovereign capabilities across all domains.”

“This precinct will also be Australia’s most significant with the addition of these modern facilities for the future of in-country integrated air and missile defence capabilities,” he said.

The precinct covers 14,000 square metres and has two main buildings: the Core Facility and the Integration Facility. 

The Core Facility includes customer engagement zones, laboratory space for training and systems integration, and office accommodation, while the Integration Facility covers 6,500 square metres of space for light manufacturing, integration, depot repair and warehousing.

The Integration Facility is ready to deliver fully integrated capabilities and will serve as the dedicated space for the Australian Army’s short-range ground-based air missile defence program, LAND 19 Phase 7B, assembling components manufactured by local suppliers. That will create jobs and secure integration capabilities in Australia.

“Raytheon Australia has a history of supporting the air, land and sea capabilities of the ADF, and highly skilled Australian jobs." said Prime Minister Scott Morrison "The centre is a tremendous vote of confidence in the Australian defence industry and in the future capability that we continue to develop." 

As Raytheon Australia’s new South Australian headquarters, the Centre for Joint Integration is already home to more than 200 Raytheon Australia employees, and the company expects this to increase to 300 jobs across future Integrated Air and Missile Defense, naval and ranges programs.

“The Centre for Joint Integration is a representation of Raytheon Australia’s commitment to South Australia,” said Ward. “This precinct will deliver more than a decade of jobs and sovereign capability for Australia through future growth.” 

Published On: 03/24/2021
Last Updated: 05/06/2021