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Raytheon Australia launches program to attract university students

A new Raytheon Australia program, known as GradX, has offered students a guaranteed full-time position upon successful completion of their university degree and the first year of the program.

Raytheon Australia has launched a program to attract university undergraduates from varying disciplines to join Raytheon Australia.

The new program, known as GradX, has offered selected students a guaranteed full-time position upon successful completion of their degree and the first year of the program.

"Our new GradX initiative is more than just a traditional graduate program,” said Raytheon Australia Managing Director Michael Ward. “We are providing students with advanced entry into the defence industry – while also designing a unique early career path specifically tailored for each graduate.”

Raytheon Australia received hundreds of applications, and the top students progressed to the assessment days, which were held in Sydney in December 2019.

“At its core, GradX aims to attract the nation’s next generation of top talent into the defence industry to the benefit of the entire defence ecosystem in which we operate,” Ward said. “We are building our pipeline of future leaders now.”

When choosing GradX participants, Raytheon Australia selected successful undergraduates who were adaptable, resourceful, self-motivated, collaborative, articulate and showed leadership potential.

Throughout their final year of study, GradX participants will have opportunities for professional internships and work experience as well as conduct virtual and live sessions with their mentor. After completing their degrees at the end of 2020, participants will come on board in a full- time role and be supported through learning, mentoring and career development opportunities tailored to their individual professional, technical and leadership skills.

“We want the best minds in the defence industry to work on our complex programs,” said Raytheon Australia Head of Human Resources Janette Coulton. “There is a need, now more than ever, for exceptional, new talent and it is important to invest time, resources and training into our people. Supporting their growth enhances the performance of the company and allows us to cultivate great talent in an innovative manner.”

To mark the successful launch of GradX in November 2019, Raytheon Australia invited Australian science communicator Dr Karl Kruszelnicki to speak to students at the University of Adelaide in South Australia. The students were provided the opportunity to learn about all things engineering from “the man with the answers when it comes to science and technology.”

Published On: 10/02/2019
Last Updated: 02/25/2020