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Raytheon Australia’s innovative and unique GradX program will see 10 undergraduates from varying disciplines join our professional team throughout their final year of study, with a guaranteed** full time position upon completion of their degree.

As a GradX participant, you are assigned a senior Raytheon Australia mentor to support your learning and development. Upon completion of your degree, you come on board as a full-time Raytheon Australia employee, with access to amazing opportunities tailored to advance your individual professional, technical and leadership skills.

GradX participants also have access to unique perks including:

  • A generous cash payment of $5,000 received in your first year of GradX
  • Priority access to paid internships during the last year of university study
  • A senior leader assigned as a career mentor across the program
  • Access to an assigned GradX graduate as a peer mentor across the program
  • Support through ongoing training and professional development
  • Access to exclusive alumni events
  • A guaranteed place on our leadership development program (during your first or second year of employment with Raytheon Australia**)
  • Opportunities for up to two rotations across programs or functions in the first or second year of employment with Raytheon Australia**
  • Access to the full suite of Raytheon Australia employee benefits including eligibility for the annual bonus scheme and potential for merit-based salary increases after appointment as a Raytheon Australia employee**

At Raytheon Australia we provide an atmosphere where everyone feels valued and empowered to perform at their peak. We know the value of inclusion.

We’re committed to helping you reach your full potential, and our pay, performance and recognition programs, which all become available to you after your appointment as a Raytheon Australia employee, are designed to support you at every stage of your burgeoning career. Learn more here

Are you ready?

By starting a graduate career with us you’ll have the opportunity to work on cutting-edge projects for some of Australia’s most significant defence capability programs.

We are looking for passionate, motivated future leaders who can work well in a diverse and innovative team environment.


Applications for the 2022 GradX intake are now closed.

How to apply


  • What is GradX?  GradX is a selective program for at least 10 undergraduates in their final year of study. During the three-year program, Raytheon Australia invests in the professional development of the selected GradX participants, including a guaranteed** full-time position upon graduation with their undergraduate degree.
  • What opportunities are there in GradX?  GradX recruits across three main disciplines: Engineering, Information Technology and Corporate Functions. GradX positions are open to undergraduates studying fields including but not limited to: Engineering, Program Management, IT, Finance, Contracts and Supply Chain Management, as well as Communications and Marketing.
  • How do I apply for GradX?   Begin by completing one of the online applications above. GradX candidates who make it past the application stage will be asked to complete a series of online assessments. Candidates who progress beyond this phase may subsequently be asked to take part in an assessment day which will include a range of individual and team-based activities.
  • What if I'm not an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident?   All selected GradX participants are required to have the right to work in Australia, and must be able to obtain an Australian Government Security Vetting Agency security clearance. Please refer to the website for further information.
  • When are the opening/closing date for applications?   Applications will open on 1 September, 2021 and will remain open for a period of seven weeks, closing on 18 October, 2021.
  • What do you look for in a graduate?    Raytheon Australia looks for adaptable, resourceful students who are self-motivated, work well in a team, communicate well, and demonstrate leadership potential.
  • What is the level of commitment for GradX?   If selected for GradX, you will be invited to attend an orientation day in early 2022. After that, there will be opportunities throughout the year for virtual and/or face-to-face catch-ups with your mentor. You may even wish to participate in an internship during your final year of study. Our Graduate Program Coordinator will stay in regular contact with you to ensure you have access to the right support during your final year of study.  
  • What happens when I graduate?  Those candidates selected for GradX are guaranteed** employment with Raytheon Australia on successful completion of their degree (subject to Raytheon Australia’s standard employment requirements).
  • What happens if I don’t graduate?  Employment with Raytheon Australia is subject to successful completion of your degree studies, therefore you will be expected to graduate with the relevant degree in order to commence employment with us and to remain a participant in the GradX program
  • I have already graduated—can I still apply?   GradX is designed to support undergraduate students through their final year of university and their transition into the workforce. If you have already graduated, please keep an eye out for job opportunities on our website or our social channels.
  • How will you stay in touch with me throughout the application process?   Via the email you have provided to us in your application.
  • What support is provided to GradX participants?  GradX participants will be provided with support throughout their final year of study. This will include mentoring and learning opportunities. After being selected for GradX and following your attendance at an orientation day, you will receive a payment of $5,000 in your first year of the program.
  • What sort of questions will I be asked in the online assessment?    The gamified online assessments focus on cognitive ability and other traits which contribute to potential and high performance. Throughout the three testing phases (all done in the same session), you will be assessed on problem solving, numerical reasoning, verbal comprehension, interpersonal skills, and communication preferences. 
  • What training do you offer GradX participants?   GradX participants may undertake Raytheon Australia training that could include leadership development, professional development courses, on the job training during an internship or courses run by Raytheon Australia which are function-specific.
  • Does Raytheon Australia support postgraduate studies?    Depending on your chosen course of study, Raytheon Australia employees can access company supported further education. This is subject to approval on the basis that the study is relevant to your employment. If approved, this can include up to 50% of the cost of the study and work release to attend exams.
  • What locations can I work from?   We have offices in every mainland state, with select opportunities available in most of these locations dependent on your chosen field of interest.

**Employment with Raytheon Australia subject to: successful completion of your degree; you meeting Raytheon Australia’s standard employment requirements including background checks and security clearances; and you entering into a Raytheon Australia employment agreement.