Engineering the Future

Raytheon Australia attracts the nation’s brightest engineers to its workforce, bringing innovation, diversity and valuable expertise to work on some of Australia’s most complex defence programs. The company’s diverse engineering portfolio employs people from newly-minted graduates to senior leaders who have enhanced their skills through the company’s tailored Leadership Continuum.

RA The Grad

Celeste has been passionate about engineering since high school. Upon graduating from Flinders University with a Bachelor in Engineering Robotics, and a Masters of Engineering in Electronics, Raytheon Australia was her first port of call.

“I wanted the challenges and excitement that only a career in engineering can bring to a STEM graduate like me,” Celeste said. “I knew Raytheon would allow me to work on projects where I could best contribute my skills and knowledge.

Celeste has been a member of the Raytheon team since 2017, gaining extensive experience through her role as a graduate systems engineer with the Shipbuilding Combat System Integration team in South Australia. She is one of 70 people in Raytheon’s graduate program who are delivering innovative engineering solutions for the company.

“Working in the defence industry is dynamic. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a fulfilling engineering career. Unique to this industry, graduates are able to work on some of the nation’s largest and most exciting projects; providing the opportunity to work with new technologies. Raytheon offers greater career development opportunities than most companies,” Celeste said.

RA The Inspirer

Mellissa descends from a family of engineers. “Engineering is in my blood,” Mellissa said, “I was inspired to become an engineer by my family, as my grandfather, father, uncle and cousin were all engineers. I’d like to offer the same encouragement that I received to others who are interested in STEM careers, through mentoring and active engagement.”

Mellissa has been a member of the Raytheon Australia team for 13 years, and has benefitted from working on a variety of programs that the business has to offer. She is passionate about encouraging young people who want to undertake a career in engineering, having worked in the field for almost two decades and experiencing the benefits and satisfaction that come from working in engineering.

 “Since joining the company I’ve worked on a range of different projects from Hornet aircraft trainers to undertaking combat system interface management on the air warfare destroyers," she said. "I am currently working as a systems engineer on the program responsible for upgrades to the Collins Class Submarines.”

“I enjoy working on large-scale projects that are backed by government investment. It’s the kind of work you don’t find in other industries,” Mellissa said. ”Raytheon Australia is a trusted partner to the Commonwealth, and that means we get to work on the most interesting and complex projects.”

RA The Innovator

Jessica’s passion for STEM began in primary school student after being given a science kit. She could not have been more excited.

“It was the best,” Jessica said. “My interest in STEM continued to grow in high school with a Year 9 science competition where we had to build an electric motor. After six long weeks and with the help of my cousin, who is an electrical engineer, we built a motor that we joked could power a washing machine.”

After winning first place in the science competition, Jessica was hooked and a career in STEM was calling her. Jessica has worked for Raytheon Australia for seven years in systems engineering, innovating advanced technological solutions for the Australian Defence Force. She is now the engineering staff executive based in New South Wales.

“Raytheon encouraged me to continue my studies,” Jessica said. “The company is more than happy for me to continue to grow my expertise as an engineer, and as a leader—including through the company’s professional development programs." She recently completing a Masters of Engineering Science, majoring in Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Electronic Warfare—a significant area of interest for the company.

RA The Leader

Julie is Raytheon Australia’s General Manager Mission Solutions, and the most senior female engineer in the company; her best advice for anyone who is interested in studying engineering is to “just go for it.”

 “It’s a qualification that will always be in demand,” Julie said. “My studies allowed me to enjoy a diverse career before Raytheon.” Julie joined Raytheon Australia 18 years ago as a structural engineer, she has been employed in various project management, strategic, leadership, operations and business development roles.

“But my most important contribution to the company is as a leader,” Julie said. “I am able to be successful in this role due to the investment that Raytheon Australia makes in the development of its employees.”

During her time with the company she has developed stronger and more comprehensive leadership abilities thanks to undertaking the Raytheon Australia Leadership Continuum, a professional development program created by the company and some of Australia’s leading management experts. “The Leadership Continuum is unique to Raytheon—it really sets us apart from our competitors. The courses on the program have helped me become a better leader,” Julie said.