Supporting the reintegration of our nation's veterans

Raytheon Australia believes that veterans make an important contribution to the national fabric, and that their skills and experience make them valuable members of the community, and the workforce, long after they have left military service.

As a major supplier to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), Raytheon Australia is committed to giving back to the broader military community by supporting our veterans as they transition into new career pathways. We are proud to say that 35 per cent of Raytheon’s workforce is made up of former ADF members and reservists, and 50 per cent of our leadership team are veterans.

Veteran Career Translator


As a company that values the skills and experience of former Australian Defence Force members, Raytheon has worked to launch Australia’s first industry-led Veteran Career Translator.

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Defence support


Raytheon Australia continues to support the mission of the Australian Defence Force through sponsorship of numerous awards and prizes presented at Defence colleges around the country.

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