Supporting STEM education in Australia

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Education

With more than half of Raytheon’s local Australian workforce of 1,500 being comprised of engineers and technicians, the company has led a number of transformational STEM initiatives over the past two decades.

As a national employer of highly-skilled engineers, Raytheon Australia understands the important responsibility to shepherd the next generation of engineers on their path to a fulfilling and useful career in a STEM-related field. That is why the company is deeply committed to helping to foster the next generation of STEM workers to study STEM related topics and pursue a STEM career—creating a pipeline of future engineers for Raytheon Australia and other STEM companies to draw from.

Each year, Raytheon Australia invests in programs to help encourage and develop valuable STEM skills that can create sustainable careers for future innovators. The company has been partnered with Questacon, Australia’s National Science and Technology Centre for over a decade now—Raytheon’s longest-running such sponsorship outside the United States.  

Questacon, like Raytheon Australia, values STEM, and invests in quality STEM education initiatives. Raytheon Australia and Questacon have partnered to create world-leading experiences that drive a passion in Australian students to pursue meaningful STEM careers, from introducing an innovative digital broadcast studio in Canberra to implementing a primary school space-based program with NASA astronauts. These initiatives have been critical to the success of this partnership over the last ten years, and will continue to be essential going forward. To this end, Raytheon Australia sponsored the Engineering is Elementary program and MathsAlive! exhibit in 2018 to help spark the flame of STEM genius in children around the country.

Raytheon has also partnered with Playford International College in Adelaide, South Australia to provide the ‘Innovation in STEM’ scholarship. Awarded to a student in Years 8 to 10 who has shown drive, initiative and interest in STEM disciplines, this scholarship reaffirms the value next generation scientists and engineers will play in sustaining industry and national security.