Silentium Defence

Silentium Defence specialise in the design and deployment of covert, high power passive radar systems that provide cost effective advantage over traditional active radar systems – the ability to see without being seen.

Passive radar uses existing RF energy in the environment to detect and track objects without emitting, providing critical situational awareness without compromise.

The team harnesses more than 75 years of collective expertise in design and commercialisation of passive radar systems to deliver that capability, including more than 10 years spent within Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG). 

In 2017, Silentium Defence’s co-founders, Dr James Palmer, CEO, and Simon Palumbo, CTO, left their positions at DSTG to form Silentium Defence Pty Ltd.

The company has grown to a team of more than 30 full-and part-time employees and contractors, based in Adelaide with multiple Defence and civilian contracts under management.  

“We have developed and are executing a 10-year technology roadmap that will see passive radar established as a capability reality for the ADF and its allies and, with support from established Defence Primes such as Raytheon Australia, will help make the ADF stronger and safer,” said Palmer.

As the business scales up, access to training and certification opportunities like those offered under Raytheon Australia’s Capability Plus program deliver great benefit. 

Palmer said, “We recognise, when dealing with Defence, it’s not just about the product, it’s also about the governance and processes that sit around that product and your business that are critical to long-term successful partnerships. 

“We have invested and continue to invest in those systems, processes, facilities and practices to achieve a corporate maturity well beyond our years and access to programs like Capability Plus could further support those efforts for growing businesses delivering capability for Defence.”