REDARC Electronics

From beginning as a small business in South Australia, REDARC Electronics now operates in an advanced manufacturing facility in Lonsdale, South Australia, and celebrates more than 40 years in Australian manufacturing, with a global team in excess of 250 employees.

Once simply REDARC Electronics, the group has grown to incorporate Hummingbird Electronics and REDARC Defence Systems, a separate entity that secured its first major contract with the Australian Department of Defence in 2019, focused on delivering Multi Aspect Threat Emulation Systems, or MATES, to the Australian Army.

Featuring REDARC’s Thermal Signature Enhancements Kits system, or RTSEK, MATES duplicate the thermal and cosmetic properties of a military tank, which is crucial for generating realistic vehicle signatures for Defence training with thermally guided munitions. While full-sized, 3D and visually striking, the systems are recyclable and easy to deploy.

REDARC Owner and CEO Anthony Kittel said the commitment of the Australian Army to engage innovative local companies to provide solutions is to be commended.

“As part of a collaborative team of four Australian SMEs, REDARC Defence was proud to deliver the first systems in 2020,” said Kittel, whose company was awarded the Defence Teaming Centre’s Collaboration Award in 2019.

“REDARC has provided solutions to support Raytheon Australia’s ranges projects and is a named partner with Raytheon Australia for the Hunter Class Frigate Program supporting navigation systems,” said Mike Hartas, General Manager REDARC Defence Sales.

REDARC’s capability to conceptualise, prototype, test manufacture and customise to suit any specific requirement, sees a growing client list including Raytheon Australia.