One of the youngest SMEs to join Capability Plus is Coherics – an Australian veteran-owned company aiming to deliver training systems and solutions.

Coherics, based in Adelaide, was founded in 2019 by two former Royal Australian Air Force aircrew Benjamin Rice and Stephen Baker.

“Coherics primarily works with Defence and industry to present new possibilities for adaptive training systems for the next generation of military and defence industry professionals,” said Rice, who served in the RAAF for 13 years.

“Our vision is to enhance the capabilities of our clients through innovative, adaptive, leading edge and evidence-based training systems,” he said.

“Often the focus of development is on highly complex machines that are required to stay ahead of any adversary, but equally important is the need to develop the human user of that machinery to optimise capability output to handle challenges in increasingly complex environments,” Rice said.

Baker said Coherics was developing training systems for the future.

“Legacy training is ripe for disruption. Coherics brings workforce training into the 21st century by specialising in technologies, curricula, and courseware leading towards human and machine collaborative training systems,” Baker said.

“Beyond training efficiency improvements, client organisations can expect to reduce training costs and save time, in turn, providing greater workforce bang for buck,” he said.

Rice said the Coherics team was excited to be part of Raytheon Australia’s Capability Plus and hoped to grow its capabilities to support the Australian Defence Force and defence industry.

“Working closely with Raytheon Australia will assist Coherics to continue its development of our quality management framework and to further drive training strategy to grow the next generation of warfighters and prepare them for a human-machine teamed environment,” Rice said.