Calytrix Technologies

Calytrix Technologies is an Australian company specialising in the integration of training, simulation and engineering capabilities to deliver world-leading live, virtual and constructive training solutions.

Established in Perth two decades ago, and with branches in Canberra, the United States and United Kingdom, Calytrix enhances operational readiness and training outcomes in both the defence and civilian domains.

With over 75 full time employees, Calytrix blends their military experience with simulation technology to provide training and exercise design services, advanced simulated radio communications and 3D virtual systems, as well as systems and network design capabilities.

Calytrix has grown to provide end-to-end support for complex simulation-based training. From software development through to “boots on the ground” exercise support, they deliver a complete training solution.

As a core-capability enabler for the delivery of technical, planning and support services to the Joint and Combined Training Branch and a major sub-contractor on JP9711-1 Core Simulation Services, Calytrix has a long history of delivering complex simulation and training support solutions to the Australian Defence Force. 

Calytrix has worked with Raytheon Technologies on several projects including the delivery of radio simulation software for a Bradley Fighting Vehicle simulator in the United States and 3D visualisations of missile systems.  

“Calytrix is delighted to be continuing to engage with Raytheon Technologies both in Australia and globally, and to be selected to join Raytheon Australia’s Capability Plus program,” said Calytrix Technologies CEO Shawn Parr.

“As an Australian-owned and -operated company, it is always positive to have our local skills and capabilities recognised by an experienced prime like Raytheon Australia, with an eye on both supporting Calytrix and finding real opportunities to partner on to help grow local capability,” Parr said.