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Submarine Sustainment

Building Australian industry capability

Proactively managing challenges. Significant and immediate costing savings for Defence through a holistic through-life approach.

Raytheon differentiates itself from its competitors in the Australian defence market by ensuring Raytheon solutions are not just sold in Australia, but are integrated in Australia, through a skilled local workforce and integrated business model that stems from years of planning and local investment.

Throughout Raytheon Australia’s involvement with the Collins program, a recurring theme has been the company’s collaboration with the DMO (now CASG) and RAN. Because of this strong partnership, that has been built on trust and proven performance, Raytheon Australia has been able to gain useful customer feedback on a daily basis.

With this constant feedback loop, the team proactively mitigates issues before they have become problems for the program. This collaborative approach is focused on achieving significant cost savings throughout the life of the Collins program.

Taking a holistic through-life view of the program, the team has found innovative ways to reduce costs. From alternative resource planning to revisiting contract structures, the team is constantly challenging the way things are executed on the program, to ensure the maximum value is realised.

The integrated team delivers benefits that drive submarine availability and mission assurance, with initiatives including a workforce restructure to maximise efficiency along with flexible mission systems support arrangements.

Raytheon Australia remains engaged across multiple areas of the Collins program, partnering with customers on multiple levels. Having built this capacity from its foundation more than 15 years ago, the company recognises the considerable in-country capability that exits today and is committed to further developing that asset.