Trusted Partner in Next Generation Ranges and Air Warfare Training

The Australian Defence Force (ADF) use ranges for testing, experimentation and training, in order to remain at the cutting edge of innovation, technology and capability. Ranges are critical ADF assets that contribute to Australia’s national security framework.

The Woomera Range is the world’s largest overland test environment, comparable to the size of England, and is one of Australia’s most critical national security assets.

Raytheon Australia’s integrated range solution will provide the ADF with one of the most advanced test, experiment and training environments in the world. We are partnering with local Small to Medium Enterprises including CEA Technologies, Daronmont Technologies and Cirrus Real Time Processing Systems to evolve the Woomera Range. Using a highly skilled Australian workforce, we will deliver a world class solution including fixed and mobile command and control systems, high performance sensors, cameras and radar systems.

Our solution is integrated by design and provides a sophisticated range system architecture which enables the Range’s relevance to support live, virtual and constructive range operations. Adaptable to any network-enabled environment, the core architecture of the upgraded Woomera Range allows for an expandable and flexible networked range, capable of multiple complex trials over a large area.

Raytheon Australia’s range solution will play an essential role preparing the ADF to meet current and emerging threats and will support the safe co-existence of national security, heritage and economic interests in the Woomera Prohibited Area. Our secure and integrated range management framework includes intuitive operator displays, based on the Raytheon Solipsys Command and Control product suite. This will provide the situational awareness necessary to support the range operator’s safety critical decision-making for complex weapon testing. Our state of the art instrumentation, software and communications systems enable an enhanced mode of operation and data collection.

Our range capability will be underpinned by smart sustainment solutions optimised for managing high performance systems and communication networks around some of Australia’s most remote regions. As a trusted partner, Raytheon Australia is committed to providing a test, experimentation and training environment which ensures the ADF maintains its capability edge, while creating job opportunities for skilled Australian engineers and technicians.