Land 200 provides Army with digital radios and vehicle mounted and dismounted (soldier carried) Battle Management Systems (BMS). Land 200 is a generic name for the combination of various phases of Land 75, Land 125 and JP 2072. The modernisation of the communications equipment and BMS used by the Australian Defence Force (ADF) is a primary objective of the Land 200 program which is reflected in a multi phased approach. Land 75 provides EPLRS XF data radios for the vehicle mounted BMS, Land 125 equips selected commanders with MicroLight data radios for the soldier carried BMS and JP 2072 provides additional EPLRS XF data radios.

Under Phase 4 of Land 200 Raytheon Australia continues to support:

  • Installation and Set to Work testing;
  • Electro Magnetic Interference testing;
  • Ongoing system design; and
  • Development and verification activities for a variety of vehicles including Bushmasters, G-Wagons, M113s and ASLAVs.