JP2072 Ph1

Supports battlespace communications on operations. Part of the Land 200 suite of solutions designed to modernise the Australian Army, JP 2072 Ph1 involves the provision of the Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS) Extended Frequency (XF) radio, and MicroLight radio. Both radios provide high-capacity, tactical battlefield data communications.


This vehicle mounted radio provides the Army's data networking backbone on operations. EPLRS XF provides robust, high-speed, secure communications while on-the-move using a Mobile Adhoc NETwork (MANET) architecture. The EPLRS XF network has the capability to reconfigure itself to overcome line-of-sight limitations and jamming threats, to provide state-of-the-art communication solutions in even the most demanding situations. EPLRS XF is used as a tactical data network system to support Battlefield Managements Systems (BMS) such as the BMS Fires system AFATDS provided by Raytheon, the BMS C2 system and the BMS CRAM system.


This very small form radio provides the Army's data networking system for key combat commanders when dismounted from vehicles. The MicroLight radio has many of the characteristics of EPLRS and is a secure, hands-free, wideband Software-Defined Radio (SDR) using a MANET architecture , capable of simultaneously processing voice, data, video, situational awareness, and tracking information. The EPLRS XF and MicroLight radios can operate in the same data networks. The Microlight is used to support the BMS C2 system.