Australia's Collins-Class Submarine Combat System

A Sovereign Capability

Proven project management processes. Continuing collaboration with the Royal Australian Navy. Delivering significant cost savings.

For over 15 years Raytheon Australia has developed and maintained a strong relationship and is a trusted partner of the Royal Australian Navy on its Collins Class Submarines.

In early 2000, Raytheon Australia acquired the assets and skills of a number of in-country resources, while also utilising proven processes from Raytheon’s global suite of best practices, transferring this knowledge to Australia.

Following on from its involvement in the successful Combat System Augmentation program, Raytheon Australia was selected for the Collins Replacement Combat System (RCS) program and tasked with designing and delivering the Combat Systems hardware necessary to accommodate the US Navy’s AN/BYG-1 Tactical Weapon Control System.

In this role, Raytheon Australia became responsible for the enterprise architecture, systems hardware and software engineering necessary for the design, development, test and delivery of the interface between the AN/BYG-1 system and a range of legacy and new sensors on the Collins platform.

Throughout Raytheon Australia’s involvement on the Collins program, the company has established and invested in combat system design and sustainment facilities across the country. In Western Australia, the company's Henderson facility has become the home to more than 80 employees with expertise working on the Collins combat system in-service support program. In addition to Henderson, Raytheon Australia has a dedicated Collins workforce in HMAS Stirling, Outer Harbour, Canberra and Sydney.

By establishing these co-located operations with its naval customer, Raytheon Australia has maximised collaboration efforts across multiple areas of the program including system and product level engineering services; logistics and supply support; submarine combat system refit and maintenance activities; and shore facilities management, maintenance and operations.

In addition to the company’s expertise, Raytheon Australia drives engagement with Australian industry suppliers and small to medium enterprises to provide expertise on obsolescence management and through life support for sonar, communications and ESM subsystems.