Australia’s Future Submarines

Evolution of the Australian Submarine Combat System

Proven record of experience and depth of local expertise on combat systems integration.

Partnering with a proven combat systems integrator is as important as who builds the platform.

The Future Submarine program will be the biggest and most sophisticated electronic systems project in Australian history, such are the unique undersea capabilities required as the strategic edge of Australian naval force into the 2050s.

The Minister for Defence announced the Government’s preference is for the combat system and main armament to be the joint US-Australian developed combat system and heavy weight torpedo.

The Government expected significant work will be undertaken in Australia during the build phase of the future submarine, including combat system integration, design assurance and land based testing.

Indeed, it should be clearly understood that the submarine’s reason for being is the combat system, not the hull. The submarine is, to quote a media commentator, “something that keeps water off the combat system and carries it to battle”.

Consequently, the importance of combat systems integration cannot be understated, from the beginning of the SEA 1000 project, it will be a critical and evolving element in all phases from design, construction, and sustainment.

The early partnering with the combat system integrator (CSI) is essential to insulate the program from risks which would arise from the inclusion of systems after design. The CSI would need to have the capability to deliver product-agnostic complex program management, enterprise and systems architecture, system integration and system sustainment.

Early partnering with the CSI would provide clear benefits to SEA 1000, especially in creating and sustaining the synergies required between the partners in the program to deliver the first boat on time and on budget. For further information on Future Submarines, read the Mission Critical article.