Australian Defence Air Traffic System

Mission: keeping sky traffic moving

Increasing availability. Predictable life-of-type costs. Desired outcomes. Delivering smart sustainment for the Australian Defence Air Traffic System (ADATS) has been achieved by innovative solutions.

From 2006, Raytheon Australia has been working with the Royal Australian Air Force to sustain ADATS, achieving continuous improvement in turnaround times and the limited availability of serviceable spares for the system.

With responsibility for engineering, maintenance, and supply support, we deliver against agreed key performance indicators that drive production planning to ensure 85 per cent of products are available at any time.

ADATS now has an average of 96 per cent serviceable stock availability with an average 30-day turnaround time – delivering operational availability exceeding 99.9 per cent to the Air Force and $14 million in cost savings.

Through customer-centric service looking for efficiencies in sustainment, ADATS’ project life has been extended by five years to 2020.