Delivering a whole of life integration solution for Navy

Raytheon Australia is a leading provider of technical services and integrator of sovereign Naval Combat Systems for the Australian Department of Defence and the Royal Australian Navy.

With a workforce of combat system engineers, technicians and program management professionals, based in both South Australia and New South Wales, Raytheon Australia’s Maritime Product Line is focused on the delivery and sustainment of combat systems, weapons and integrated communications systems for the RAN surface fleet.

Credit: Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance

As a principal participant in the Air Warfare Destroyer program, we understand the importance of relationships and teamwork with customer and end user stakeholders. We have been the combat systems integrator for the Hobart Class Guided Missile Destroyers (DDG) for over 13 years, with proven expertise and delivered performance, from early combat system planning, architecture, design, integration, and testing through to upgrade and sustainment of the in-service ships.

Delivering Australia’s most advanced warships

Our highly skilled Australian workforce has worked closely with the Commonwealth to integrate Australia’s most advanced and complex combat system into the Royal Australian Navy’s most lethal warships, the Hobart Class DDG Air Warfare Destroyers (AWD).

Raytheon Australia has successfully delivered the Hobart Class Combat System on time and on budget, integrating ten major subsystems, including the Aegis Weapon System, and the associated delivery of more than 3,500 major pieces of combat system equipment.

We integrated products sourced from a broad range of international and national suppliers including systems and equipment supplied by the US Government Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program.

The Hobart Class DDG is the first warship outside of the United States to be equipped with the Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC), demonstrating Raytheon Australia’s ability to act as safe hands for sensitive US technology.

We have more than 500 combat system related suppliers across Australia and have worked with our Alliance partners to exceed Australian Industry Capability targets for the overall AWD program by 20 per cent.  

As the AWD Combat System Integrator, our role also included the design and build of the land-based Through Life Support Facility, or TLSF and a Command Team Trainer. The TLFS was initially utilised in the design phase of the AWD Program and enabled engineers and technicians to identify interface, integration and compatibility issues before the systems were installed on-board. The TLSF now acts as a support facility for the sustainment of the Hobart Class Combat System through life and a training facility for Navy technicians and operators. The Command Team Trainer provides a shore based training environment in which the ships Combat System operators can develop skills and experience through simulated exercises.

Independent of our role within the AWD Alliance, Raytheon Australia provides the in-service sustainment and stewardship of the Combat Systems across the three Hobart Class DDGs, providing engineering, maintenance and supply support services through our team at Fleet Base East in Sydney, New South Wales.

We also support the Royal Australian Navy with training management, delivery and support services for the crew and support staff of the Hobart Class DDGs. This training is conducted at the Navy Training School in Randwick, New South Wales.

Providing continuous development for the Commonwealth

Raytheon Australia is a technical support partner for the Commonwealth’s Combat Management and Payload Systems Branch, supporting continuous development of the RAN surface ship combat system capability. Our technical services support the branch in providing upgrades to the Hobart Class DDG Combat System and the application of Raytheon expertise and experience to other programs, including the Hunter Class Future Frigate program, and the migration to a common surface combatant architecture.

The skills and experience that we developed throughout the AWD Program allow us to deliver low risk solutions and cost savings for Australia’s future naval programs.

Communications and weapons provision for Supply Class

In 2016, Raytheon Australia was named as the integrated communications system and weapons system provider for the Supply Class Auxiliary Oiler Replenishment (AOR) ships.

For our part in the AOR program, Raytheon Australia was contracted to deliver an integrated communication system to shipbuilder, Navantia who are constructing the AORs in Spain. We also supply the Phalanx Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) directly to the Department of Defence and provide training equipment and support services for the program.

In 2019, Raytheon Australia delivered the communication system, and is now supporting the AOR test program. Training for the Supply Class crews has now commenced at the Navy Training School in Randwick, New South Wales, where we ensure the ship’s crew are equipped with the skills and knowledge required to utilise the ships internal communications systems, and safely operate and maintain the systems and equipment.

The Phalanx CIWS is scheduled for delivery in 2020, with system installation occurring in Australia.

Credit: Air Warfare Destroyer Alliance