Depth of Local Expertise

For two decades, Raytheon Australia has established itself as a trusted partner of the Royal Australian Navy on the Collins Class Submarines. Since 2000, Raytheon Australia have been the country's largest and most capable submarine combat system integrator. This is made possible by drawing upon the proven processes from Raytheon's global suite of best practices, and transferring this knowledge to Australia.

Credit: Commonwealth of Australia

A Sovereign Capability: Collins Class Submarine Combat System

As the Collins Combat System Integrator, Raytheon Australia provides upkeep, update and upgrade activities for the Collins Combat System across all platforms and the Combat System Shore Facility.

Our association with the Collins Class Submarines began with the Combat System Augmentation Program, a collaborative effort between Raytheon Australia, Department of Defence, the Royal Australian Navy, United States Navy and others to provide upgrades to the Collins weapons systems, improvements to the sonar system, tactical data handling system and weapons control systems as well as to undertake efforts to reduce the acoustic signature.

Following this, Raytheon Australia was selected for the Collins Replacement Combat System program, in which we were responsible for the design and delivery of the combat system hardware necessary to accommodate USN AN/BYG-1 Tactical Weapon Control System. In this role, we gained responsibility for the enterprise architecture, systems hardware and software engineering necessary for the design, development, test and delivery of the interface between the AN/BYG-1 system and a range of legacy and new sensors on the Collins platform.

Throughout Raytheon Australia’s involvement on the Collins program, we have established and invested in combat system design and sustainment facilities across the country with a dedicated workforce in Perth, with support in Adelaide, Canberra and Sydney. Through the establishment of co-located operations with our naval customer, Raytheon Australia has formed a strong partnership with the Department of Defence and the RAN which is built on trust and proven performance.

Due to this partnership, we are able to consistently communicate with Defence and the RAN, allowing our team to be proactive; mitigating issues before they become problems for the program. This collaborative approach has allowed the program to achieve significant and innovative cost savings.

Raytheon Australia remains engaged across multiple areas of the Collins Class program, partnering with customers on multiple levels. Having built this capacity from its foundation more than 20 years ago, the company recognises the considerable in-country capability that exists today and is committed to constantly developing that asset.