Submarine Capability

Depth of Local Expertise

Trusted Partner. Real local capability that is ready now. Integrated in Australia.

For over 15 years Raytheon Australia has established itself as a trusted partner of the Royal Australian Navy on its Collins Class Submarines. Since 2000, Raytheon Australia has become the country's largest and most capable submarine Combat System Integrator by investing in people and skills and by drawing upon the proven processes from Raytheon's global suite of best practices and transferring this knowledge to Australia.


Australia's Collins Class Submarine Combat System — A Sovereign Capability


The company's early association with Collins came with the Combat System Augmentation Programme which was a collaborative effort with Defence, the RAN, the USN, Raytheon Australia and others to provide upgrades to the Collins weapons systems, improvements to the sonar system, tactical data handling system and weapons control systems as well as to undertake efforts to reduce the acoustic signature.

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