Mission Solutions

Raytheon Australia provides turnkey integrated mission solutions for our customers. This includes sustainable acquisition and through life support for Australian Defence Force platforms, systems and products. Our range of capabilities are supported by state-of-the-art technology, governance and expert resources to deliver competitive procurement, project management, engineering, maintenance, logistics, governance management, and asset disposal services.

We achieve this by partnering with our customers to ensure their requirements are met, while assuring transparency of costs and schedules. It is this ethos that drives us to provide unique, competitive solutions, which enable mission success.

Satellite CommunicationsSatellite

The award of JP 2008 Phase 5B1 sees Raytheon Australia trusted to provide in excess of 200 complex tactical transportable satellite communications systems, in a range of sizes to the Australian Defence Force. We are an integral player in providing critical beyond-line-of-sight battlespace communications by connecting deployed troops on the ground to command and control, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, geospatial and logistics information.

Our military off-the-shelf, fielded and technically proven solution meets Wideband Global SATCOM system certification, transportability and operational requirements, thus ensuring we are delivering the highest level of operational support to the ADF.

Under the JP 2008 Wideband Support Services Program, Raytheon Australia delivers integrated whole-of-life sustainment services worldwide to Defence’s strategic wideband satellite communications ground infrastructure. These services include project management, procurement, engineering, integrated logistics and field service representatives supporting mission critical operations locally in Canberra and Geraldton, as well as internationally in the United States, Germany and the Middle East.

Tactical Radio Mature Support

As part of the suite of solutions designed to modernise the Australian Army, the Enhanced Position Location Reporting System Extended Frequency radio currently provides the backbone of Army's vehicle-mounted data network. The EPLRS XF provides robust, high-speed, secure communications while on-the-move using a Mobile Adhoc network architecture. Raytheon Australia’s mature support contract sustainment services includes project management, procurement, engineering, integrated logistics, maintenance and the provision of field service representative to support training end-users and operational employment of the equipment.

VACM Cryptographic Equipment

By delivering Raytheon’s VINSON ANDVT Cryptographic Modernization devices to the Commonwealth, the customer can ensure cryptographic, transmission and emanation security across Defence. Raytheon Australia’s VACM service also include procurement, training and engineering support, and helpdesk services.

Naval Communications Station, Harold E HoltHEH

As a proud industry leader in Defence Mission Support, Raytheon Australia’s Harold E Holt team are responsible for providing mission critical systems operations, engineering, maintenance and base support services for the Very-Low Frequency Naval Communications Station and Space Situational Awareness assets located in Western Australia’s North West Cape region.

Located near Exmouth, WA, Harold E Holt ensures VLF transmissions to Australian and United States defence forces operating submarines and surface vessels.

In addition to VLF mission assurance, Raytheon Australia delivers space surveillance capability — operating and maintaining the C-Band Radar and Space Surveillance Telescope for both the Royal Australian Air Force and United States Air Force. Providing a turnkey, integrated off-grid capability, our team of professionals provide continuous operations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our involvement at Harold E Holt not only seeks to support Australian Defence and United States capability needs, but provides a boost to the local community through engagement programs and regional job opportunities for over 100 employees.

Aerospace Support and Test Equipment Program

Raytheon Australia provides a strategic industry partnership to the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group for the acquisition, sustainment and disposal of Defence’s CAF 26 Support & Test Equipment, Defence gases and related capabilities. Our team of dedicated individuals offer the highest level of service to support Defence meeting its operational and military self-reliance needs. 

Through our automated callout service, fully managed and integrated freight and packaging service, online data management, analysis of support and test equipment and repair services, we meet deadlines without compromising quality. Raytheon Australia’s strategic asset management services are backed by ISO55001:2014, signifying our company as a defence industry leader when it comes to asset management.

Aeronautical Life Support Equipment

The Aeronautical Life Support Equipment program provides efficient and effective asset procurement and through life support management services for the ADF’s fleet of common role aeronautical life support equipment. The equipment managed includes aircrew personal protective equipment including flying helmets, oxygen masks, anti-G suits and life preserver vests, as well as platform survival equipment including life rafts, emergency radios and personnel survival kits.

Raytheon Australia’s asset management services includes project management, procurement, engineering, integrated logistics and the provision of an ALSE Service Desk to support all end-users of the equipment. The ALSE team provide a value for money solution that ensures the availability of this vital equipment for the continued safe operation of ADF aircraft.

Australian Defence Air Traffic System

Raytheon Australia has been working with the Royal Australian Air Force to sustain the Australian Defence Air traffics System (ADATS) since 2006, achieving continuous improvement in system availability, system longevity, system safety and obsolescence management. With responsibility for engineering, modification, upgrades, maintenance, and supply support, we deliver against agreed key performance indicators that drive production planning to ensure system availability to the Air Traffic Management community.

Since the inception of the contract Raytheon has assumed management of Non-ADATS Supplementary Equipment (NASE) including but not limited to, metrological equipment, Military Sensor Converter System, Airfield Frequency Response Units, airfield lighting, and arrestor systems.


AP-3C Orion Aircraft Avionics Through Life Support

The AvWorks program provides deeper-level avionics maintenance, sustainment engineering of avionics and Oxygen components and systems, logistics and warehousing for the Royal Australian Airforce AP-3C Orion fleet of Aircraft.

Maintenance services we provide include the repair and maintenance of Aircraft systems, including flight control systems, radar and electronic special measure systems, oxygen systems, instruments, and power generation and distribution systems. Raytheon Australia is the Engineering authority providing engineering services including obsolescence management, publication development and management, and the development of DASR compliant designs including modifications, substitutions and deviations.


Air Combat and Electronic Attack Sustainment Program

Subcontracted to Boeing Defence Australia, through the Air Combat and Electronic Attack Sustainment program, Raytheon Australia provides aircraft maintenance, warehousing support, Foreign Military Sales procurement support, and project management services for the Royal Australian Air Force’s fleet of F-18 E/F Super Hornets and Growler aircraft.