Joint Battlespace Systems

Delivering force protection solutions for the joint battlespace

Raytheon Australia’s Joint Battlespace Systems franchise is focused on the delivery of advanced combat-enabling technologies and force protection and strike solutions for the joint battlespace. Through integrated weapons systems to ensure mission success on land, at sea and in the air, we are ready to deliver the capability to defend the nation. 

Transforming Australia’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence Capability

Raytheon Australia is working with Raytheon Technologies and KONGSBERG to develop Australia’s new Short-Range Ground-Based Air Defence capability to replace the Australian Defence Force’s existing capability which is nearing the end of its life-cycle.

Raytheon Australia will provide its Army with an integrated ground-based surface-to-air defence system, utilising a range of effectors and incorporating a beyond-visual-range capability that will provide the capability to engage multiple threat types. This project, LAND 19 Phase 7B, represents the inner-tier of the land-based Integrated Air and Missile Defence capability—a further step toward delivering a truly integrated joint battlespace for the ADF.

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Maintaining Australia’s Defence Technology

Australian Defence Force ranges are used for testing, experimentation and training in order to remain at the cutting edge of innovation, technology and capability. Ranges are critical Australian Defence Force assets that contribute to Australia’s national security framework.

Woomera Test Range, located in South Australia, is the world’s largest overland test environment, comparable to the size of England, and is one of Australia’s most critical national security assets. Raytheon Australia’s integrated range solution provides the ADF with one of the most advanced test, experiment and training environments in the world. We are partnered with local small to medium enterprises including CEA Technologies, Daronmont Technologies and Rohde & Schwarz Australia to evolve the Woomera Range. Using a highly skilled Australian workforce, we are delivering a world-class solution including fixed and mobile command and control systems, high-performance sensors, cameras and radar systems.

Our solution, integrated by design, provides a sophisticated range system architecture that enables the range’s relevance to support live, virtual and constructive range operations. Adaptable to any network-enabled environment, the core architecture of the upgraded Woomera Range allows for an expandable and flexible networked range, capable of multiple complex trials over a large area.

Raytheon Australia’s range solution plays an essential role preparing the ADF to meet current and emerging threats and supports the safe co-existence of national security, heritage and economic interests in the Woomera Prohibited Area. 

Fulfilling the High Demand for Electronic
Warfare TrainingEWTS

The Australian Defence Force has an increasing demand for advanced electronic warfare test and training capabilities. Raytheon Australia's proven ability to supply these capabilities has seen the recent establishment of Joint Adversarial Training & Testing Services. The JATTS program combines operational training against live aerial opposing forces, airborne EW, and aerial targets; capabilities previously delivered through three separate contracts. By merging these capabilities the JATTS program can respond to ADF future force requirements in an agile and flexible manner. Capabilities delivered under the JATTS program complement our existing portfolio utilised by the ADF to achieve mission success.

In addition, Raytheon Australia is also responsible for operation of the ground-based Mobile Threat Training Emitter System (MTTES), comprising a Battle Management System and number of mobile emitters, targetable and non-targetable communications, as well as the establishment of EW ranges and facilities in the Western Training Area in Queensland and Delamere Air Weapons Range in the Northern Territory.

Our close relationship with Raytheon Technologies and Australia's strong alliance with the United States ensures we have access to advanced US technology. This enables interoperability with our allies, ensuring Australia’s EW capability remains leading edge and able to deliver real-world and realistic simulated adversarial EW test and training services.

Training Future Flyers in Air CombatSimulator

Raytheon Australia and our industry partners provide innovative leading edge training services to the Royal Australian Air Force under the Air Combat Training Services Support contract.

Our team of engineers, technicians and teamed instructors prepare future air force pilots at RAAF Bases Amberley, Williamtown and Tindal, with live elements of EW training provided in the Western Training Area, QLD and Delamere Air Weapons Range, NT.

During this training, future flyers use multi-mission simulators, fully immersed in photo-realistic visual environments to prepare themselves for the twists and turns of mission success, augmented by highly realistic virtual and constructive entities, including ground-based EW threats and complex adversarial scenarios.