Real Capability, Ready Now

Real Capability, Ready Now

Schiebel Pacific’s Unmanned Air System, the CAMCOPTER® S-100, provides a unique balance of advanced capabilities, operational flexibility and outstanding performance. The CAMCOPTER® S-100 is able to fly a programmed mission without operator intervention. It is a Vertical Takeoff and Landing system and, whether for use on land or at sea, it has been designed to manned aviation standards, ensuring reliability on all mission types.

Raytheon Australia is teamed with Schiebel Pacific for the LAND 129 Phase 3 program to deliver a solution that provides a highly capable, low-risk offering that is intended to establish an enduring sovereign tactical UAS capability.

A Rotary Wing capability delivers:

  • Speed in Response – Launch quickly and effectively

  • Agility in Transit – Operate from or in confined areas, urban environments, unprepared landing zones with no launch and recovery equipment

  • Flexibility – Refuel anywhere

  • No launch or recovery equipment required

  • Lowest physical and electronic footprint

Mission Flexibility:

Our tactical UAS solution is agile and provides mission flexibility.

Having the ability to take off and land vertically enables the tactical UAS to launch and recover from constrained areas, in turn providing greater flexibility in operations on land and at sea.

As the only Vertical Take Off and Landing capability, this fielded platform ensures delivery of real capability ready now, with additional payload capacity allowing mission flexibility and a solution that is Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance ready.

Smallest Footprint:

With no launch and recovery equipment, the tactical UAS has a significantly smaller footprint than any fixed-wing UAS. This makes the tactical UAS faster and simpler to pack, transport and set to work. It does not need a prepared area or supporting equipment for take-off and landing.

It can be set up and ready in 20 minutes.

Highest Payload Capacity:

The CAMCOPTER® S-100 also has a greater payload capacity than fixed-wing UAS in the same class, enabling the carriage of multiple payloads.

With four times greater payload capacity than a fixed-wing platform in the same class, the CAMCOPTER® S-100 solution adds mission flexibility without compromising performance or standard mission sets.

Real Capability, Ready Now:

This solution will provide a real capability that is ready now. Not only is the CAMCOPTER® S-100 air vehicle globally proven, it has been operated by the Royal Australian Navy since 2017, ensuring low commercial, schedule and integration risk.

Our open-architecture solution supports payloads now and in the future.



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