Meet the Capability

Meet the Capability

Our Solution:

Backed by 20 years of investment in sovereign complex systems integration and a 20-year pedigree as a trusted prime systems integrator across multiple domains, Raytheon Australia offers a world class system to meet the Australian Army’s future tactical Unmanned Aerial System requirements for Army’s LAND 129 Phase 3 program.

Raytheon Australia has the team to deliver a highly capable, flexible and scalable solution that offers the lowest risk and the greatest opportunity for a sovereign tactical UAS capability for Australia.

Teamed with Schiebel Pacific Limited, we will deliver the CAMCOPTER® S-100 for the Army’s tactical unmanned aerial system program. As the only Vertical Take Off and Landing capability, this fielded platform ensures delivery of real capability ready now, with additional payload capacity allowing mission flexibility and a solution that is Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance ready.

Our team will deliver a solution that:

  • offers an operationally superior, rotary wing UAS that provides the lowest footprint with no dedicated launch and recovery equipment and a high payload capacity;

  • delivers a highly flexible, scalable and self-contained ISR and targeting capability;

  • is highly mobile and can be set up and ready in 20 minutes;

  • is runway independent with vertical take-off and landing;

  • is low risk with a mature, proven system that is already in production with over 400 platforms in service around the world including the Royal Australian Navy; and

  • is able to operate day and night in a wide range of temperatures and wind conditions.

With a long and proud history as the Australian Defence Force’s experience, multi-domain prime systems integrator, Raytheon Australia is the low risk, sovereign option with a future-ready capability that is ready now for the Australian Army.

Integration Experience

Raytheon Australia is an experienced multi-domain prime systems integrator with a 20-year pedigree in Australia. It is currently delivering over 50 programs to the ADF, and Army’s LAND 129 Phase 3 will benefit from these skills, resources and experience.

Raytheon Australia has proven it has the people, processes, tools, capacity and capability to deliver this enduring tactical UAS in Australia right now. It has lead roles in delivering ADF critical warfighting system projects such as the Air Warfare Destroyer combat system, the Woomera Range Remediation and Army’s LAND 19 Phase 7B Ground Based Air Defence System, which demonstrates an ability to achieve integration of TUAS across land, aviation and joint capabilities.

A Sovereign Australian Capability

Raytheon Australia is committed and ready to develop a genuine and enduring sovereign capability with a plan to manufacture, assemble, integrate, deliver and sustain the ADF’s new tactical UAS and support system as a sovereign Australian capability.

Our team will build, support and evolve UAS technology and capability in Australia. We are committed to a truly sovereign Australian Industry Capability by enabling the ADF to have sovereign control of the system and support activities by 2024.

Raytheon Australia has the team to deliver this highly capable, flexible and scalable solution with low risk and the greatest opportunity for Australia.

Future Ready

Being future ready, the Raytheon Australia solution for Army’s LAND 129 Phase 3 program is built for growth and export opportunities.

The team is focused on delivering a truly sovereign capability that supports the mission of the Australian Defence Force, now and in the future.