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Raytheon Australia has teamed with Austal and BMT in a bid to deliver a world class solution, carefully tailored to meet the Australian Army’s complex and demanding littoral manoeuvre requirements – now and into the future.
In collaboration with partners Austal and BMT, Raytheon Australia’s team has developed a future-ready, low-risk solution for Army’s LAND 8710 Phase 1A program, offering the Australian Independent Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel, or ILMV.

With more than 20 years of experience in delivering sovereign solutions on time and to budget, Raytheon Australia has the safe hands and know-how to introduce a purpose-designed operational capability into service.

The team has a proven Australian prime contractor, an experienced Australian shipbuilder and a world-class ship designer ready to deliver real capability for the Australian Army. 

From design to build and introduction into service, our whole-of-life approach and expert team is ready now to commence work on this new capability.  

Our team are focused on capability and ensuring that the Australian Army can harness the full operational potential of the LAND 8710-1A capability.  


World class team

Raytheon Australia has a trusted team of Australians ready to deliver this new and complex capability for the nation.

Offering a sovereign capability, Raytheon Australia’s team provides a set of safe and experienced hands to deliver the new Australian Independent Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel capability from design and build into effective service.

Our team has the proven design, people, processes, tools, capacity, shipyard, infrastructure and capability to deliver Australia’s current and future littoral manoeuvre capability.

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A superior build & local production design

Raytheon Australia has partnered with highly experienced and proven sovereign shipbuilder Austal to provide an unrivalled best build option for the Australian Independent Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel.

A leading Australian global shipbuilder, Austal is renowned for building and sustaining some of the world’s most advanced commercial and defence vessels. Uniquely, Austal has the local capability to lead production design at the shipyard – mitigating production issues early in the build process to meet budget and scheduled targets.

For more than 30 years, Austal has developed a highly skilled shipbuilding workforce of more than 5,500 employees worldwide, fully equipped shipyards and a capacity that is ready now to deliver for Army.

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A proven design

Raytheon Australia has partnered with BMT – a leading Australian sovereign designer for amphibious and specialist ships – to offer a superior solution for the Australian Army’s LAND 8710 program. The Australian Independent Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel is an outstanding solution with a proven design that is ready to be delivered now. It has real capability with a real growth path, and margins for a future-ready Army.

Australianised for the Australian environment, the Australian ILMV is based on a fielded design that meets Army’s most critical requirements. The Australian ILMV solution provides low-performance risk, low-technology risk, low-commercial risk and a fast path to Initial Operational Capability.

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An experienced team and a future ready solution

The Australian Independent Littoral Manoeuvre Vessel is a fielded solution aligned with the Australian Army’s new and complex requirements for LAND 8710 Phase 1A.

Raytheon Australia, Austal and BMT comprise a team that is ready now to deliver a highly capable, whole-of-life and future-ready solution offering low-risk and superior capability for Army while also managing complex introduction to service activities.

The Australian ILMV is designed to deliver the capability, resilience and flexibility required to equip Army to achieve its goals across the full range of missions.

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