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Supplier Resources

Supplier Resources

Exostar is our supplier portal. You can access further supplier resources via this secure environment, click here.

Additional resources include:

Below are links to Raytheon's General Terms and Conditions of Purchase. These are incorporated by reference on every Raytheon purchase order and include:

TC-Update The following updates reflect changes to the U. S. Government acquisition regulations. By this reference, said updates are incorporated in and made an integral part of the General Terms and Conditions (TC) documents identified below.

TC-001 General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

TC-002 General Terms and Conditions of Purchase Supplement 1 – Government Contract Provisions from the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

TC-003 General Terms and Conditions of Purchase Supplement 2 - Government Contract Provisions from Department of Defense FAR Supplement (DFARS)

TC-004 International General Terms and Conditions

TC-009 Fixed Price Level of Effort Subcontracts

TC-013 Purchase Order Attachment - Warranty for Goods Obtained From Brokers

TC-020 Fixed Price Incentive Purchase Orders

TC-DEAR General Terms and Conditions of Purchase Supplement that will be used when a purchase order is placed with a U.S. Government Department of Energy contract or higher-tier subcontract

TC-HARDCODE Standard Hard-Coded Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

TC-NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration Supplement

TC-SERVICES Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Domestic Purchase Orders for Commercial Services When Seller is Not Providing Goods.

IN-009 International Traffic in Arms Regulations Certificate & Reporting of Political Contributions, Fees or Commissions

IP-006 Addendum to Software Licenses with Raytheon

PT-001 Property in Possession of Seller

SA-004 Insurance Protection, Indemnification, and Security Requirements

SA-019 Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Requirements for Purchase Orders and Subcontracts

CR-001 Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Notices and Certification

CR-002 Certificate of Current Cost or Pricing Data

CR-003 Annual Supplier Representations and Certifications

CR-003 Help Document

CRINT-003 Foreign supplier registration form to support Raytheon with goods or services for foreign customers on commercial contracts

CR-006 Assertion of Commerciality

FN-004 Performance-Based Payments Notices and Certification

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Historical Terms & Conditions


CR-003 Nov

TC-Hardcode Aug

TC-Update Aug

CR-003 July

IN-009 July

TC-Update May

TC-Hardcode May

TC-Hardcode Mar.


IP-006 Apr.

TC-Update Apr.

TC-Update Sep.

TC-Hardcode Sep.

TC-Update Dec.

TC-Hardcode Dec.


TC-Update Feb.

CR-003 May

CR-003 Aug.

TC-Update Oct.

IP-006 Nov.

TC-Update Dec.

TC-001 Dec.


CR-003 Apr.

CR-001 Apr.

TC-Update Apr.

TC-001 Apr.

TC-002 Apr.

TC-003 Apr.

TC-004 Apr.

TC-Update May

PT-001 Jun.

TC-Update Aug.

CR-003 Aug.

TC-Update Oct.

IN-009 Dec.

2010 and PRIOR

TC-Update May 2010

CR-003 May 2010

PT-001 Jun. 2010

TC-Update Jun. 2010

TC-Update Jul. 2010

FN-004 Aug. 2010

TC-Update Oct. 2010

CR-003 Nov. 2010

TC-Update Nov. 2010

TC-Update Dec. 2010

TC-004 Jan. 2009

CR-003 Jan. 2009

PT-001 Jan. 2009

TC-Update Feb. 2009

TC-001 Feb. 2009

TC-001 Apr. 2009

TC-002 Apr. 2009

TC-003 Apr. 2009

IN-009 Dec. 2009

TC-Update Dec. 2009

TC-004 Dec. 2009

TC-Update Feb. 2008

CR-001 Mar. 2008

TC-Update Jul. 2008

TC-001 Feb. 2007

TC-002 Feb. 2007

TC-003 Feb. 2007

SA-004 Feb. 2007

TC-Update Nov. 2007

TC-Update Dec. 2007

PT-001 Apr. 2006

TC-001 Oct. 2003

TC-019 Oct. 2003

TC-001 Apr. 2002

TC-001 Jan. 1999