Mission: Health

Mission: Health - Put your health on the radarIn 2008, Raytheon introduced Mission: Health — a health engagement program created to help employees “put their health on the radar.” The program was designed to:

  • Improve the lives of our people
  • Get employees and their families more involved in actively managing their health
  • Use data and consumer marketing tools in tandem to promote behavior change
  • Work closely with our health plan partners to develop a coordinated, far-reaching effort to engage employees and family members

Having healthy, productive employees is critical to business success, but employees and their families need to be motivated to increase healthy behaviors and use support programs. Mission:Health helps provide both the motivation employees need and the appropriate support.

Raytheon’s Work/Life Program

Mission:Health encompasses both physical and mental health. Raytheon offers a variety of customized programs and services to help ease both everyday and out-of-the-ordinary stresses that can affect employee health and productivity. The Work/Life Program includes:

  • A back-up care program that provides child and adult care to employees when their usual care arrangements are unavailable
  • Flexible work arrangements to maximize work/life effectiveness for employees
  • Financial counseling services
  • An enhanced eldercare program that provides in-home assessment, evaluation and recommendations for elder family members
  • A group legal plan offering access to a nationwide network of attorneys who can help with a variety of legal matters
  • Estate planning for special-needs dependents

In these and other ways, Raytheon seeks to promote a high-achieving workforce that successfully manages both personal and professional responsibilities.