Ethics: Anti Corruption - Message From Thomas A. KennedyWhen issues are black-and-white, the answers are obvious. But “when they are gray, walk away.” That is the approach we use at Raytheon to avoid business transactions when a deal raises ethical concerns we can’t resolve, or when we perceive there may be a corruption issue. We simply have zero tolerance for corruption, as we committed when we signed the Global Principles of Business Ethics for the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Our company value of Integrity makes clear our commitment to respect ethics, laws and regulations wherever we do business.

Raytheon has a rigorous Anti-Corruption Sustainment program, which continuously assesses our policies and internal controls and implements best practices to prevent corruption. The Raytheon anti-corruption team is focused to deter, detect and correct issues so that our reputation for integrity is never compromised.

We recently published an overarching anti-corruption policy which sets forth key anti-corruption elements found in many related policies, covering topics such as exercising due diligence before we engage international representatives or consultants, transparency in our books and records, and providing business courtesies. We also ensure that ongoing education programs, such as the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) Aware program available on this website, keep our employees knowledgeable and vigilant about risk in this area, and help ensure we remain faithful to our company values.

Our anti-corruption program is supported by the most senior executives of the Company. As Chairman and CEO, I ensure that Raytheon’s anti-corruption initiatives are also reported regularly and reviewed with keen interest by the board of directors. Together, with our employees and others who represent us, we work to maintain a culture of integrity that will not be compromised. This website serves as an introduction to our anti-corruption initiatives and our unwavering commitment to ethical business conduct.

A proud member of the Raytheon team,

Thomas A. Kennedy
Chairman and CEO
Raytheon Company


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