Last updated: July 10, 2012

Groundwater Quality: Extent of Groundwater Impact and the "plume" referenced in media reports. Here you will find information that describes the geographic extent of groundwater impact based on emerging data from environmental studies that are still in progress.

It is important to note that any releases of substances occurred before Raytheon acquired the property at 1501 72nd Street North.  Raytheon is working with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on these issues, has contacted and met with the heads of surrounding homeowners’ associations and elected officials, and is continuing its efforts to develop a sound remediation program.

Q1. What is the geographical extent of the environmental impact?
A1. Raytheon has retained a leading independent environmental consulting firm, ARCADIS, to confirm the geographical extent of potential impact, but the impacted area generally has migrated to the east, south and west of the site.


 Q2. When did the company first learn that impacted groundwater had spread beyond the general boundaries of the facility?
A2. Raytheon learned in the 1990’s that some groundwater impacts had migrated east of the property toward the Stone’s Throw condominiums and Brandywine apartments, and a short distance to the west underneath portions of the park where there are no residential areas (or known sources of drinking or irrigation water that had been affected). Raytheon has worked with both of the nearby communities and the City since that time to obtain data and perform a risk assessment (completed in 2005 based on data that was then available). In 2007, new data indicated that the impacted area was greater than originally thought to be, and the findings were provided to the FDEP within 10 days of receipt of the information. This data is detailed in the submittal to the FDEP and available to the public, along with updated risk assessments.


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