Last updated: July 10, 2012

Since Raytheon acquired the property at 1501 72nd Street North, it has worked closely with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and with surrounding homeowners. The Reports link on this website will take you to the various reports Raytheon provides to FDEP.

Q1. Has Raytheon been cooperating with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection?

A1. Raytheon inherited the historical environmental issues at the St. Petersburg site through an acquisition. Since then, we have cooperated with state regulators to conduct ongoing assessments of local groundwater conditions.

Q2. Will Raytheon clean up the contamination to FDEP standards?

A2. Raytheon will continue to work with FDEP to determine any appropriate remedial action.

Q3. What is Raytheon’s relationship with FDEP?
A3. We have continually provided data and information to FDEP for their review and we expect that they will perform a thorough review our submissions and respond with any additional questions or direction.