Last updated: July 10, 2012

Since Raytheon took over the property, we have worked with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, with surrounding homeowners and with elected officials to communicate information about this issue. Raytheon will continue to meet its obligations to the community and to the State in order to be a good corporate citizen and will continue to be pro-active in getting these issues resolved as facts become known.

What has Raytheon been doing from an outreach standpoint?

Raytheon has kept the community informed through newsletters and meetings that tried to convey the facts as they were known at the time. These efforts date back to at least 1995.

Raytheon has long had direct communications with the Stone’s Throw condominiums and Brandywine apartments (both of which are on the east side of the facility) – the only two properties previously thought to have groundwater issues. Raytheon has performed groundwater testing at those locations, for the benefit of property owners and at company expense, for years.

Raytheon recently held meetings with the presidents of the surrounding homeowners’ associations to provide additional information, as well as with the City of St. Petersburg and elected officials. Certain attorneys who filed these class action lawsuits have demanded that Raytheon stop speaking with homeowners, which would hinder Raytheon’s ability to keep them informed of the facts on a timely basis, but Raytheon intends to continue its scheduled outreach programs to the extent possible.

More recently in January and June 2012, Raytheon held briefings on the project status at Crossroads and Azalea Homeowners Association meetings.