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Promoting Health and Wellness

Our employees are at the heart of our company, and their continued long-term health and productivity are vital to our success. That's why we provide immediate, on-the-job help to support employees' short-and long-term wellness. Driven by Global Health Resources, our companywide Mission:Health initiative offers comprehensive programs, services and resources for employees and their families to promote a culture of health. We made great strides in 2014 to help ensure our employees stayed healthy — both physically and emotionally.

Promoting health — at home and on the job

We are now in our second decade of Wellness, Worklife and Employee Assistance Programs. In 2014's "Eat. Move. Sleep." campaign, mailed direct to employee homes, we asked employees to share three personal goals involving fitness, sleep and nutrition.

Thirty-five worksites participated in our annual Healthy Worksite award, which measures and recognizes locations that actively engage in supporting employee health and make wellness a priority. Today, about 47,000 of our employees work at Healthy Worksite facilities.

Employee surveys show we've saved a total of 2,798 days because of the availability of the Bright Horizons® back-up child and adult care services. Our Liferesources program reports nearly 1,113 hours saved in 2014 from before and after surveys given to employees who took advantage of services.

Recognition and reward for wellness

We're proud to once again receive the American Heart Association® Fit Friendly Gold Award, which recognizes companies that fulfill wellness criteria and promote a culture of wellness.

And we've seen even better employee participation after the 2013 introduction of our first financial incentive for completing on-site screenings and online assessments to help employees identify potential issues and practices to improve their lifestyles.

We surpassed 2013 employee participation in our on-site health screenings, with 37.5 percent of eligible employees completing on-site screening and/or a preventative exam. That's up 6 percent year over year, and we reached 97 percent of our 2014 goal.

  • In 2014, 15,745 employees and 4,470 spouses received a wellness reward; we are at 99 percent of our participation goal
  • 20,587 employees completed an onsite screening and/or a preventative exam; that's 110 percent of our 2014 goal employees
  • 17,897 employees completed an employee health assessment; this puts us at 98 percent of our goal

Implementing and achieving excellence

In 2014, we introduced a new model for clinical service delivery across our 27 health service locations. The effort was a Raytheon Six Sigma (R6s) project to drive efficiency, consistency, quality and scalability of services with a focus on optimal delivery of business and employee value-added service, crisis management, and emergency response and support.

We were also awarded the Americas Expatriate Management and Mobility Award for Best Practice in Challenging Locations by the Forum for Expatriate Management. The award honors organizations that have well-designed programs and policies for risk and continuity management, and that are able to respond rapidly to medical emergencies.

There's doctor in the a house

Raytheon's commitment to employee health is punctuated by the presence of our Chief Medical Officer — Dr. Sandra Stratford, MD, MSc. A Board-certified specialist in occupational medicine, Dr. Stratford became Raytheon's Chief Medical Officer and head of Global Health Resources in 2007. She is responsible for Raytheon's 27 health service locations, preventive health and wellness services, international health management and business support, and crisis management and WorkLife/Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services.


Corporate Responsibility Report

Our report looks at our efforts to enrich the lives of people, strengthen our performance and reduce our footprint on the planet.

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