Ellen Parker ImageEllen Parker is the Executive Director of Project Bread, the leading antihunger organization in Massachusetts. A longstanding supporter for the organization, Raytheon is celebrating its 30th year as a sponsor of Project Bread’s The Walk for Hunger — the oldest continual pledge walk in the country and the largest, annual one-day fundraiser to alleviate local hunger. Since 1969, this grassroots event has provided more than $81 million in funds to emergency food programs across the state.

What is Project Bread and its mission?
Project Bread's mission is to alleviate, prevent and ultimately end hunger in Massachusetts. Therefore, we will make emergency food accessible to those who would otherwise go hungry; educate, mobilize, and empower people through The Walk for Hunger and other avenues of action; research and develop innovative solutions to end hunger; advocate, in partnership with others, freedom from hunger across the Commonwealth.  

For more than 40 years, Project Bread's Walk for Hunger has provided critical resources to hungry children and families in Massachusetts — annually funding 453 emergency food programs in 129 communities across Massachusetts.

Why is volunteerism important and how does it help your organization reach its goals?
The Walk for Hunger would not exist without the dedication of our Walkers and Volunteers.  Each year, on the first Sunday in May, more than 40,000 Walkers and 2,000 Volunteers work together to make The Walk for Hunger a fun, safe, and successful event.  These individuals are essential to making sure Walkers have a great experience and without them, we couldn’t raise money to reach our goal.

What makes a successful volunteer (e.g. personality, skills)?
We have found that our most successful volunteers are dedicated to the mission, hard working, responsible, and fun.

How can I get involved?
Join us at the 2012 Walk for Hunger on Sunday, May 6!  We are proud that Raytheon has been a sponsor of the Walk for 30 years.  Walkers are invited to walk part or all of the 20-mile route. Not interested in walking? Volunteers are needed along the route to help with a variety of jobs to keep Walkers safe and happy. There is no required registration fee and no fundraising minimum. Whether you are beginning or continuing your commitment to helping hungry people, we have something for everyone!