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Subsea Testing banner imageWith our strategic partnership with NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab (NBL), RPS can help you develop, test and troubleshoot procedures for new subsea tools, technologies, equipment and methodologies prior to use in deep water environments—all within the highly realistic underwater environment of the 6.2 million gallon pool at the NBL.

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Our Solutions

With decades of experience working with the likes of NASA, the FAA and the US Military, RPS is the global leader in providing services for industries where failure is not an option. To enhance our oil and gas offerings, we have expanded our partnership with NASA to offer a full-suite of on-site testing, training, diving, engineering, manufacturing, and logistics services to support a broad variety of oil and gas projects.

With exclusive access to the world-renowned NBL—a state-of-the-art underwater testing facility used to train astronauts and test aerospace technology—RPS can help you properly test and validate emerging technologies in a controlled, yet highly realistic underwater environment, ensuring overall operational readiness prior to implementation in a deep water or subsea application.

Testing in our facility helps to:

  • Reduce risk of offshore and subsea operations
  • Accelerate schedule of critical projects
  • Lower cost and increase realism of testing
  • Optimize productivity and efficiency of key resources
  • Allow for earlier troubleshooting and refinement of technology

Raytheon’s long history in aerospace and defense translates easily into the offshore oil and gas arena. Our subsea testing solutions are designed to increase the effectiveness and safety of equipment and systems. Before you deploy in the more expensive, less forgiving offshore environment, choose RPS subsea testing at NASA’s NBL.

Learn more about testing capabilities at NASA’s NBL facility.

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