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Customized Virtual Training with a Competitive Advantage

Virtual TrainingFor companies across the business spectrum, virtual classroom training offers numerous benefits — but one approach doesn’t fit all. That’s why Raytheon created a suite of virtual training options that allows you to choose the approach that fits your company’s unique objectives, challenges and culture. With this comprehensive set of solutions, you can virtualize the entire classroom experience or only parts of it. Whatever option you choose, you gain the advantage of delivering custom-built learning programs at a fraction of the cost of traditional instructor-led training.

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View the benefits of the Raytheon VCT 360 learning solution.


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Which Virtual Classroom Training Solution Is Best for You?

Raytheon virtual training solutions provide the guidance, expertise and support of a recognized global training leader. We help you make the right training decision and bring it to successful implementation. Throughout the assessment and development process, Raytheon Professional Services experts collaborate with you to optimize your learning program. We make your content interactive and engaging, train your instructors to deliver virtual courses effectively, and provide technology and support services that ensure quality and measurable results. Options include:

VILT360 – A comfortable first step in integrating virtual training. Learners still come together in the classroom, but the instructors are virtual.

VCT360 – The entire classroom is virtual. Courses are recorded for on-demand playback.

vBroadcast360 – Like a TV broadcast. For when you need to inform, not train. Conveys important information quickly to a geographically dispersed audience.

Benefits of Raytheon Virtual Training

  • Developed by a recognized leader in global learning solutions
  • Costs significantly less to deliver than traditional instructor-led training
  • Optimized by Raytheon: 
  • Increases training reach and accessibility — recorded sessions make courses available anytime, anywhere
  • Accommodates multiple learning styles for optimal learner engagement and retention
  • Provides consistency across your organization by presenting common content to all learners
  • Integrates with a learning management system for effective tracking and reporting
  • Makes your key instructors and subject matter experts more widely available


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