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About RPS banner imageFor more than 70 years, in more than 100 countries, Raytheon Professional Services has been helping world-class companies transform the way they provide learning.  We provide the services that ensure organizations can provide training throughout their enterprise and drive their competitive advantage. Look at the numbers and you’ll see why we’re the #1 provider of outsourced training.

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RPS by the Numbers

Check mark 9,330 hours of finished training content developed
Check mark 6.4 million hours of training delivered
Check mark 3.2 million assessments administered
Check mark 398,000 inquiries answered by our client support centers
Check mark 1.8 million individual training registrations processed
Check mark 2.5 million learning events administered

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Our Experience

When most people hear of Raytheon, they think of the company’s well-regarded aerospace and defense capabilities. But RPS’s history of seven decades in outsourcing training demonstrates a well-developed acumen for learning solutions. Our expertise comes from the integration of training businesses that Raytheon has acquired over the years.

1930s: Through a Raytheon predecessor, we leveraged the invention of the Link simulator to evolve into the pre-eminent builder of flight simulators in the United States.

1960s: We applied our simulation expertise to the Gemini and Apollo programs, and later to Skylab, Space Shuttle and Space Station programs.

1980s: RPS launched new systems-based curriculum design and training administration services to respond to the U.S. Department of Defense’s shift from buying simulators to hiring trained pilots.

1990s: RPS expanded into commercial training programs, primarily within the automotive industry. We started in North America, and then moved into Europe and Asia Pacific. Two of our programs are among the largest training outsourcing contracts ever awarded in the commercial sector.

Today: RPS is part of Raytheon’s technical services business, which generates more than $2 billion in sales annually. We continue to invest in innovative learning technologies and practices as we expand into new industries and regions. We opened a shared services center in Barcelona in 2004, followed by another in Detroit in 2006. We established a presence in Russia in 2005 and in Mexico in 2006. Our growth strategy is founded on leadership in learning innovation and global scale, especially in emerging markets.

Industry Recognition Confirms the Value of our Global Training Solutions.

Over the years, RPS and our clients have been recognized around the world by professional associations, analysts and researchers for the scope, quality and impact of our learning solutions.

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RPS Voted No. 1 in HRO Today Magazine's 'Baker's Dozen in Learning'

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