Ethics Demonstrating Our Values Through Our Actions

Raytheon’s comprehensive ethics program communicates to, and educates, our employees and other constituents about ethics issues to nurture and support our values and commitment to a culture of integrity.

Ethics Education
Our ethics education initiatives deliver innovative programs to guide employees’ ethical decision-making and commu­nicate important ethics messages. The program’s success is evident in employee feedback. In our 2010 Employee Opin­ion Survey, the relevance and usefulness of ethics education was favorably rated by 82% of respondents.

We deliver ethics education to our employees through numerous vehicles. Each year, all employees participate in “Ethics Checkpoint” sessions with small groups of peers to study ethical dilemmas based on real workplace situations, presented in video vignettes. Employees learn to pause, take an ethics check, and then proceed with the best course of action. In 2010, our Ethics Checkpoint programs highlighted labor charging, product integrity and supplier relationships.

We also provide ethics education through our “EthicSpace” series of videoclips delivered by email to all employees. EthicSpace videos present meaningful and relevant ethics education in an entertaining and readily accessed format. EthicSpace topics for 2010 included appropriate use of company-issued credit cards, export control rules, and safety on the job.

Finally, employees complete online learning modules relating to a wide range of legal requirements and other topics. To sensitize employees to key risks pertaining to our international growth strategy, in 2010 we launched a series of modules highlighting Foreign Corrupt Practices Act compliance subjects, which we call “FCPAware”. Over the past year, employees completed 56,000 FCPAware modules in addition to more than 157,000 modules on other compliance topics.

Ethics Involvement in Our Communities
Our ethics program also reaches beyond the company in promoting ethical business conduct. We are active participants in the Defense Industry Initiative on Busi­ness Ethics and Conduct and also provide financial and professional support to the Ethics Resource Center. In 2010, we sponsored the Intercollegiate Business Ethics Case Competition, held in connection with the Ethics & Compliance Officer Association’s annual conference. We continue to sponsor the Raytheon Lecture on Busi­ness Ethics series at Bentley University, which provides a forum for respected CEOs and other leaders to share insights on ethical business practices. In the international arena, we continue our active involvement with the Aerospace Industries of America and the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (AIA-ASD) on the Global Principles of Ethical Business Conduct for the Aerospace & Defense Industry Initiative, and have made presentations on a variety of topics at AIA-ASD “best practice” forums in Berlin, Germany and Washington, D.C.

Performance Measures
Metrics demonstrate that our ethics program is active and effective. Out of a total of nearly 3,400 contacts with our ethics office in 2010, more than 80% were employees seeking advice. The ethics office investigated approxi­mately 450 misconduct allegations, and, where miscon­duct was substantiated, discipline up to and including termination was imposed. In the 2010 Employee Opinion Survey, questions concerning ethical behavior in our workplace received a 77% favorability rating, up 2 points from the prior year.

EthicsSpace logoPause - Check - Proceed icons

EthicSpace is Raytheon’s values-based mini-series that dramatizes what happens when employees face workplace dilemmas, and core company values are put to the test.

Ethics Checkpoint is a decision-making tool to encourage employees to pause and take an “ethics check” before proceeding with an action.

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