During the holiday season, employees whose work duties bring them in contact with suppliers of goods and services may be offered gifts as simple gestures of goodwill or as obvious inducements to encourage future business. However, these employees should be aware that company policy prohibits accepting gifts of anything more than nominal value.

This policy is in place for the protection of employees and Raytheon. Gifts of high value can cloud even the best employee's judgment in a selection process or can give the appearance of favoritism and a conflict of interest. Accepting such gifts can also violate the law and subject the employee and Raytheon to substantial penalties.

The newest ethics and compliance awareness training encourages employees to take action. Employees who are offered a gift by a supplier are encouraged to take action by calling the Office of Ethics and Compliance for advice on how best to handle the situation. It is often awkward to decline something offered but the consequences of accepting an improper gift can be very serious. Employees should be aware that gift offerings can be an attempt to buy their independence as they make decisions on behalf of Raytheon.

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