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Seaport Enhanced or SeaPort-e is the USN's contract vehicle of choice to procure all future engineering, technical, logistics, program management and financial support services. It is an ID/IQ (indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity) multiple award contract (MAC) awarded by NAVSEA in April 2005 to 151 prime contractors (48 large businesses, 103 Small Businesses) and expanded to 503 prime contractors in May 2005 in seven nationwide geographic zones.

The SeaPort-e ID/IQ MAC supports all cost reimbursable contract types with the exception of T&M and sole source contracts. It has a 15 year period of performance, valid through April 2019, with a base 5-year contract and two 5 year award terms.

SeaPort-e is a Sea Enterprise initiative implementing the CNO's Sea Power 21 transformational objectives, and emphasizes the Navy Virtual SYSCOM's focus on implementing cost-effective and integrated business practices to better support our Navy.

Raytheon is a SeaPort-e prime contract holder in all seven geographic regions and has over 100 small business (SB) supporting team members.

Official Seaport Web Site

Who Can Use It

The USN's Virtual SYSCOM (VS) Command to include all NAVSEA, NAVAIR, SPAWAR, and NAVSUP procuring agencies. All US Navy and Marine Corps Commands and Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

What Is the Scope?

Engineering and technical services such as:

  • R&D Support;
  • Systems Engineering
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Prototyping
  • System Design and documentation
  • Software Engineering
  • RM&A Support
  • Human Factors Engineering
  • CM and QA Support
  • IT Support
  • Ship Inactivation/Disposal
  • T&E Support
  • Range and Instrumentation Support
  • Acqusition Logistics
  • Supply/Provisioning
  • Training; ISE
  • Installation and Checkout
  • Program Office and Admin Support

How Does It Work

For our USN customers, procuring services through SeaPort-e is very similar to what they do today, but faster with reduced, easier to process solicitation documentation and requirements. Contracts issued through SeaPort-e are considered Task Orders (TOs) are governed by the terms and conditions of the awarded SeaPort-e Prime contract.

In general, customers identify in what Zone the work is to be performed, create their standard solicitation package (less data not needed and covered by the already awarded SeaPort-e contract) and upload through the SeaPort-e portal. Through the portal, the TO RFP is published for competition to those prime contractors qualified in the Zone where the work is to be performed. Prime contractors in that zone submit their proposals through the SeaPort-e portal for evaluation. The Customer evaluates the proposals, and makes an award.

What is significantly new for you and our USN customers?

  • Electronic Procurement:
    SeaPort-e procurements occur electronically through a single NAVSEA portal. On the web site, our customers are SeaPort-e Buyers, and must register on the portal as a Buyer. Customers use their local Contracting Offices and Contracts Administrators to register and process procurement documents. On SeaPort-e, we are a Seller. Raytheon SeaPort-e's Program Office is the only authorized Raytheon Seller, and therefore all RTN proposals are submitted through our SeaPort-e PMO.
  • Fast Procurement Timelines:
    Procurements on SeaPort-e are streamlined, and typically occur in 5-30 days and are nominally 12- 20 days in duration. Customers decide what the procurement timeline will be, and most favored companies generally can respond to quick, 10 day or less RFP response times.
  • Less Procurement Documentation:
    Customers do not have to create standard contract clauses, terms and conditions, or solicitation data such as Section K (Reps & Certs) because these contract items are covered by the all encompassing SeaPort-e contract.
  • Notification of Opportunities:
    SeaPort-e contract synopsis and procurement intentions are not announced on NECO or FedbizOps. They are only announced to SeaPort-e prime contractors and their team members through automatic e-mailings (note: if you are a RTN employee or team member, and would like to receive automatic notification of all SeaPort-e announcements, please contract the SeaPort-e Program Office listed below).
  • Flexibility:
    Customers can use SeaPort-e for large, complex, high value engineering support services, or to procure small dollar value procurements (<$5M) with no more than a 10 page RFP package.

Whom Do I Contact

Jim Banks
Program Manager

Valerie St. Peter
Program Administrator

Kim Davis

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